Klobuchar ending campaign

Apparently she’s going to appear with Biden in TX and announce this evening. No link - just heard on MSNBC.

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ITT this is somehow a conspiracy against Bernie

Maybe she just wants a Democrat to win the nomination, instead of a reformed Republican and an Independent.


Yep. Someone convinced her to endorse BIden just to hurt Sanders.

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Vying for that VP spot on a Biden ticket perhaps?

Wouldn’t surpise me if Biden announced just that. And it would help him to have a young, female vp.

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First they ran the brown people, then the alphabet candidate, now they’re chasing the women.

And biden is the youngest old white dude, at 77, running for the dims.

Too funny!


Here comes the “Democrats hate women and minorities” crowd


She would be good, so would Kamala Harris. Harris would do better with debates but Klobuchar would be better in the Midwest. Harris can’t really deliver states like Iowa but Klobuchar could potentially help. Plus she is way more bipartisan and Biden is really emphasizing getting things done and working with the GOP.

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I’m surprised they aren’t already on it.

I would love for Franken to get her seat. He should have never resigned.


it doesn’t matter. biden won’t remember who is running with him, or what they’re running for.

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He should not, and Gillibrand shouldn’t have pushed for it. I’d like to see him back, too.

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Indeed. I can see Klobuchar being a solid choice for Biden, for these very reasons. Down-ballot benefits as well.

Be fair. PTS from the time he spent in prison with Mandela.

I think Harris would get the VP pick over amy or Pete.

But i can see pete and Amy getting a high profile convention speech slot, especially pete

Who? :sunglasses:

I would love to see Harris get it. But Klobuchar does have her strengths in the midwest.


Does Harris bring Biden closer to reclaiming WI, which is what he needs? Or does Klobuchar provide a better shot there?