Kiwi! An animated video about living out your dream

Kiwi is a powerful, but ultimately sad, video about doing whatever it takes to live out your dream.

If you watch it, watch it to the very end to understand the story.

Talk about getting rick rolled

There is nothing in this about doing what it takes to live out your dream . . .

Unless it’s the credits at the end on it was made by a student of some kind.

Not worth the click people.

I’m surprised you don’t get it. Your loss.

Poor Kiwi!

You get it.

I don’t know if I should feel sad for the Kiwi for losing its life or glad it lived its dream. I guess a bit of both.

I felt a bit of both. Especially when Kiwi shed tears while flying down to the clouds.

i showed this to my kid like 8 years ago. it is touching

then i showed her the great gabola. i laughed so hard i had cramps. she did not see the humor. watch till the end

Sure it is.

Watch it again.

I watched it twice to see if I missed something the first time . . .

I don’t think a third time will help any .

The kiwi wanted to experience flight.

He simulated the a forest on the cliff (suspend your disbelief on that part) and he flew.

He pursued his dream whatever it took…even if took his life (although I agree with the one commenter who stated if the kiwi could lift all those trees onto the cliff, is he really dead?)

Gabola is a terrific short. A bit gruesome, but I liked it.

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Yup, the faint plop sound at the very end confirms it.

Maybe he plopped into a warm deep pool of water, swam out, and is going to run back to the top to do it all over again. Like the world’s greatest sledding hill.

Optimist :hugs:

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That’s funny.

A question

Did someone shoot the bird? That’s the only part I didn’t get.

It seemed that someone shot the bird, which is odd. It wasn’t the magician so it had to be someone in the audience.

I guess the lesson is that it’s OK to shoot a bird but don’t tear the head off a bunny.