Kirsten Gillibrand...A tale of two ideologies

Her Wiki page describes a politician with two separate ideologies. One as a house representative and another as a senator.

As a Representative, she was elected as a blue dog Dem. She was decidedly conservative and had an A grade from the NRA. However, once she was appointed to the open Senate seat her ideology suddenly changed. Wiki states that her house district was more upstate conservative but as a senator, she represented a largely liberal state. So her views changed drastically it seems to be able to benefit from more liberal financial supporters.

I remember Gillibrand as a representative in the house and was impressed with her Blue Dog Conservatism.

The question is as a presidential candidate how does she present. Does she run more like a Liberal Democrat or does she swing back as a Blue Dog ideology for her presidential bid?

I could vote for the blue dog Gillibrand, but not for Senator Gillibrand…and now…because she so easily shifted her ideology to be the senator from New York, who will we get and how do you trust? This has to be an issue for Democrat voters too. Right?

She pledged to serve out her full term if re-elected, then a few weeks later announced her candidacy. Another political hack, NEXT!

She’s a politician and wants to get elected.

It’s that easy


^ This

That’s what i was afraid of. It’s a shame people can’t stick to their convictions.

Our much beloved president is a perfect example.


Both sides play to their base during elections.

She wont win…

I used to be a fan of hers when she was in the house. I’d like to know just what is real and what is not. Which is the real Gillibrand?

Whatever way the political winds are blowing. That’s the true Gillibrand. A political dandelion.

She does have a huge advantage in the primary. Pretty points matter. A pretty face is going to get a lot of votes based on only that.