Kimberly Guilfoyle paid $60K for a less than 3 minute speech

and vote for what instead?

more pelosi political elite

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America First.


It’s not treason.

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there is no such candidate apart from trump such that he is

About 24 hours before the January 6 Capitol attack, a Republican member of Congress, Barry Loudermilk, led an unofficial tour through the House office buildings, passing by the security checkpoints located at the entrances to the tunnels leading towards the Capitol building.

The tour included a man who took photos of the tunnel entrances and the US Capitol police checkpoints, and then joined thousands of Donald Trump supporters the following day to march on the Capitol from the rally on the Ellipse.

The tour was also notable because officially, tours were banned at the time due to Covid measures. The only people in the Capitol that day should have been members of Congress and staff, reporters, US Capitol police and official business visitors.


She’s definitely a Kamala Harris type of politician. Just look at that resume. :rofl:

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DeSantis should be fine. Unless you love crooked…and crazy.

That’s a good thing.

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he is not currently running for pres.

dont get too ahead of the hate


where’d you copy and paste this from?

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That has been debunked.

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Nah- dude has been lying. He got caught on tape.

Well, apologies in advance, but which assumption did I make ?

“Who’s “y’all”, heterosexuals ?”

What was the point of that remark except for a slight whisper of bigot in the background?

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Oh my gosh! Clearly Loudermilk (if that really is his name…sounds kind of weird to me) was working with an insurrectionist to plan the rebellion! This is treason plain and simple.
Thats the worst thing I have heard of since Trump got rid of the interpreter so he could plot political interference with his master Putin when they met in Finland! What else could they have been talking about that they didn’t want anyone else to know what it was except Treason! Plain and simple.


You thought I was trying to imply that you’re bigoted against heteros ?

No, it was just a tongue-in-cheek remark. When people address me as “y’all” I’d like to know which category i’m being grouped with is all.

The FBI said he was a harmless kook.

The J6 cult run him out anyway…suckers and losers style.

Gee, just imagine how that expert in Ukrainian energy production, Hunter Biden, was paid for his paintings.


You can a fair amount of coke with $60k.

But fair game to her if she can command that and people are willing to pay it.