Kim Kardashian at the White House to announce ride-share program for ex-prisoners

I’m happy that Hollywood elites like Kim Kardashian can work together with Jared and Ivanka to fix this glaring issue that affecting many ex-prisoners. Kudos to everyone involved.


Reality star-turned-activist Kim Kardashian was back at the White House Thursday.

The law student made an unannounced appearance at an event to promote the hiring of ex prisoners so they are able to return to the workforce.

After President Donald Trump made his remarks, he introduced Kardashian West, who talked about her vocal support of criminal justice reform, saying at the start, “I wanted to make a difference and just wanted to do the right thing, but I didn’t know how.”

She went on to announce a new ride-share program with Lyft that will provide former prisoners with gift cards to use for transportation to job interviews, work and to visit family

When should Hollywood celebrities be heard on political topics?

When they support any Trump initiative.

Share a ride with a felon! Great plan.

somebody has to get them registered to vote…


If they are eligible to vote, why shouldn’t they?

Reality TV stars making a difference!