Kim Jong Un Supervised Test-Firings of an Unspecified New Weapons System, North Korea Says

“North Korea’s official Rodong Sinmun newspaper published several photos that showed Kim watching from an observation post and what appeared to be a missile soaring from a mobile launcher.”

Evidently these new weapons have "advantageous tactical character different from existing weapons systems.” Whatever the heck that means.

Earlier in the day Trump said that Kim Jong Un wanted to meet again for negotiations and that he was really, really sorry for the flurry of recent short-range ballistic launches that spooked our allies.

Why does our president give this guy more respect than some of his fellow Americans?

Lol Trump the great negotiator is being played by NK and Trumps sycophants are allowing themselves to be blamed.

This is no diplomacy but NK using Trumps ego to get what they want.

Tired of Winning…

Un has a winning strategy. Compliment and suck up to Trump to his face/do the opposite behind his back.

Donald already solved the issue and thanks to him NK is not longer a military threat. Move on, libs!

Let’s give the Norks $$Billions $$ of $$Dollars$$.

Oh wait, that was already done for the past 20 years.

trump can entertain the little toad for as long as he wants if we don’t give them any more money. kim only does what china tells him to do anyway.

I knew Trump was a bad negotiator but I had no idea it was this bad. It’s like non existent.

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Nothing is ever Trump’s fault, eh?

I don’t think our goal with North Korea was to not give them money. Wasn’t there something Trump said we wanted, complete and total de-something…


It’s baffling that a New York City sleaze bag conned a bunch of Southern geniuses.

Your reasons for supporting Trump on this seem to keep evolving. Now you are saying that as long as we dont give NK any more money anything Trump does is okay by you. What happened to Trump had created peace on the Korean peninsula and the threat from NK was gone?


11th dimensional…

You’ll have to write it down and try to sell it somewhere.

Finally, an original idea from a lib and they try to blame someone else for it.

Let me guess. Trump is good, everyone else is bad.