Kill a Man, Get Probation

Well, that and court mandated anger management classes.

The defense attorney speaks:

""I think that the judge ruled fairly and with compassion for all the parties involved … we want to move forward, I think justice succeeded in this matter and I express sympathy to the family of Mr. Weed," Steinmetz said when reached for comment following the hearing. “All along my client and his family have expressed sympathy and regret. I think [both families] have acted with compassion towards one another.”

Well, everybody except for the dead guy and his family.

“It’s tough to not want some measure of punishment for this young man, but in the juvenile system that’s certainly not the ultimate goal; it’s rehabilitation,” Smith said.

Probation is a privilege. If they treat this like they got away with murder, they will find themselves in jail until they turn 21. <= Maximum sentence

Maybe the boys suffered from affluenza.


Which is exactly what they did.

They should have been charged as adults.

If they intended to murder. Hard to prove…

My son “made a mistake”. How many times have we heard that one?
Punching someone in the back of the head is not a “mistake”.

Why? They aren’t adults.

They certainly killed a guy like adults.


No, they killed a guy like kids.

What is the point of having a discrete judicial system for minor offenders, if we’re going to declare minors adults whenever we get emotional?


I’ve never supported a separate “juvenile” system in the first place.

To me, a felony is a felony. I don’t care what age you are. Especially in the case of violent crimes such as manslaughter, murder, assault, and rape.

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Beating a man to death with bare hands is nothing “like a kid”.

Well, I guess you’re entitled to that opinion. But it only makes things worse. Just like all other emotional tough on crime nonsense.

Going through the juvenile system, these kids will have a chance to turn their lives around. Throwing them in adult prison will just guarantee that they become lifelong criminals.


I’m sure the victim’s family feels just swell about their second chance.

I disagree with the premise that the emotional state of the victim’s family is relevant to justice.

You are making appeals to emotion.

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It is a very emotional situation. When it comes to violent crime it’s impossible to separate emotions from logic.

Just to be clear -This is the older brother who did not actually kill the guy. The younger brother is the one that landed the blow that killed the man.
He is still in Juvie until…prob 21.

For the record -I do not like this sentence. No way that kid should be able to just get probation.

Why does this event make you emotional?

It isn’t. For me.

I’m sure it is for everyone involved.

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