Kid on Time cover was not taken away from Mother

It’s this simple man. Most people blame the parents for doing this to their kids. We don’t send kids to adult prisons in the U.S. Even American kids. It looks like they are sending them to military bases now. I think we should send any of them who want to go home, back home. I would be okay with funding that. How about you? The republicans should get out of the way and let the conservatives fix this.

i don’t really care, do U?

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So were you for separating the kids fro their families with Trump’s zero tolerance policy? Or were you against it and are now for them being reunited?

Just more fake news to add to the massive pile…

OH SNAP!!! You’ve got us now.

Sick burnnnnnnn!!!

Stupid media. WHEN WILL THEY LEARN??!??!?!

They can’t learn. Ben Rhodes told us… They believe anything they are told.

I am still waiting for you to link to Obama’s policy of removing all children from their families. Any time you want to show me, I’ll be here.

Our president get’s his news from Fox and Friends.

But they didn’t.

Better than CNN etc, except he watches those too…

You are the only one who said he had a 100% enforcement policy and yet you seem to want others to justify your statement.

Literally who cares. Just put another picture up next time then.

Who cares that major media lies? I do… That way i’m not manipulated.

There we go…

If you’re in the details about a JPEG instead of the actual story then you’re the one being manipulated.

Apparently many Trump supporters would prefer to be distracted by what washed up actors say, or a photo that was a mistake- than actually look at the horrors of their president ripping 2300 kids from their families in a couple short months as part of a zero tolerance policy.

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I guess that sort of thing matters if you want to talk about anything except the issue. I’m sure I’ll get to hear about it for a few hours this afternoon on the radio. Nothing about the actual kids though, we gotta talk about the important things, like an image.

I at the time the choice was, catch and release, imprison the kids in an adult facility with their parents or put the kids in a separate child facility. None of the three options were good. But the third was better than the other two. Now that the problem has been solved, I hope we can focus on getting these people back home as soon as possible.

The issue created by the propaganda? Ok, if you say so.