Kid on Time cover was not taken away from Mother

IN a perfect example of how stupid and lazy our news media is, Time magazine ran a cover of Trump and a crying little baby illegal they thought they had removed from her mother. Ben Rhodes had it right whe he told you the news media is full of fools.

“he was told on Wednesday by a Honduran official in the US that his wife and child are being detained at a family residential center in Texas but are together and are doing ‘fine.’”

Also amazing Obama put up these detention camps. What is it with leftist and govt camps. Good or bad…geez…


Time should have used one of these kids on their cover…

Of course he wasn’t. Fake news is shameless, corrupt and bitter.


And you never complained when Obama did it…


Stupid mistake. The point remains- Trump has removed 2300 children from their families since early May.

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Obama had a zero tolerance policy of removing all children from their families?

Can you link to that zero tolerance policy?

oh, this whole thing is gonna blow up (if posters like Joanne are correct about the abuses). just be patient and hope they can reunite the kids and their parents without further incidents.

Yes, and American aren’t buying it. MOst blame the parents, not Trump. What kind of parent gives their children over to human trafficker.

80% of children come here without a parent. Be interesting to see what percent are molested on the way. That’s what our current policy is causing and the left and open border freaks could care less…


And now Trump does too,

Huh? again- can you link to Obama’s zero tolerance policy removing all children from their families?

We should promote policy that will prevent kids and parents from voluntarily separating, as the vast majority do now. They do it because they think they can get in if they do.

Kids die and get raped because of OBama and Bush policy.

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Why do leftists always want handouts?

Source that says 80% of children come here without a parent?

That is the bright side. These kids are put in danger by their parents long before they make it to the border. Americans are not as stupid as the left wants us to be.

I didn’t think you could. Repeat after me.

Trump instituted a policy that removed 2300 kids from their families.

Most sane people in the U.S. said thats bat ■■■■ crazy.

Trump backed down and signed an order to not steal kids from their families.

Its really as simple as that man.

Providing evidence to an assertion is a handout? Boy you really would make a poor lawyer.

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Don’t they teach you guys anything on CNN.

No it’s not… That’s why Trump canceled the congressional picnic when he signed the EO.

Why would he do that?.. Dems will never figure it out.

Stop feeding the troll


Yeah Im feeling that.