Keystone XL - Oops he did it again

Remember all the fanfare about Trump approving the Keystone XL pipeline? Turn out you do actually have to follow federal law…

U.S. District Judge Brian M. Morris ruled Thursday night that President Trump’s 2017 cross-border permit of the pipeline expansion by TransCanada Corp hadn’t considered all impacts as required by federal law, and that construction couldn’t move forward until a supplemental environmental review is completed.

Keystone XL Pipeline Faces Uncertain Future - Federal ruling poses new hurdle for pipeline long opposed by environmentalists, indigenous leaders

Governmenting is hard.

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i want my pipeline

Oh this is the politics forum. I see now.

I can’t help but laugh at TransCanada wasting so much money on this.

He’s getting the pipe…or is it hosed. :wink:

Why can’t Trump write an executive order to overrule this so called judge?

As much as he’d like to be, he’s not Putin.

Not yet. Give it time.

Seriously, how old are you, you seem to have no idea how govt. works.

The govt. works? That’s funny.

Donald Trump doesn’t care about any of that. He does what he wants, and he deals with the “consequences” later.

Pipeline just got 10 feet longer.


if i dont get my pipeline im going to be angry

I think Trump did it again
He made us believe, he’s America’s friend
Oh baby
He might seem like a ■■■■■■
But you shouldn’t take him too serious
'Cause to lose all your senses
That is just so typically Trumpist
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Oops I did it again
I toyed with the Trump, got lost in his lame
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Oops, you think I trust Trump
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