Keystone pipeline offically dead

sponsor pulled the plug

good. the pipeline wasnt needed,wouldnt really produce any permanent jobs

Now President Garrison just has to bomb Canada.

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$3 per gallon so far.


It will get revived after the pain of high energy hits.

It will take a change in elected office first.

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it also would have provided no petroleum, and it also wasn’t really a pipeline



the pipeline would have zero effect on energy prices.
especially since it wouldnt be operstional for years

You mean the NEW and improved section would not be operational. The old pipe is still in the ground and working. Keystone has already completed the southern portion of the pipe to Houston and the Port.
So I guess they just keep pumping through the old pipe for now.


Huzzah! Huzzah!

Long live the pipeline.

Will go higher under President inflation.

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They might have to own that one in the midterms regardless if had an effect or not on the price defiantly it wasn’t good timing when the price of oil shot up.

This pipeline did nothing for our gas prices


Jimmy Carter didn’t have anything to do with the 1979 oil crisis. People don’t like rising oil prices regardless of party and will bang the other side over the head with it if it’s still and issue. Inflation is very bad for the ruling party.

Global pandemic occurs. Demand for oil plummets. Oil prices plummet.

Global oil production is drastically reduced.

Global pandemic begins to end. Demand for oil increases. Oil prices increase.

OPEC and Russia decide not to increase production to pre-pandemic levels. Oil prices increase further.

US refinery utilization fell because of routine yearly maintenance and winter storms in the south.

Refineries have switched to producing summer blend gas which is more expensive.

If only Biden had kept the pandemic going we wouldn’t be in this mess.


Ya the problem though both parties has had to face is the average voters aren’t as political savy as on this forum and way more gullible. Just saw were as of 2018 according to a yougov/economist poll 33% of Democrats believed that Russia hacked the physical tallies on voting machines in order for Trump to win. Not just some Facebook ads etc… But literally hacked the machines that’s 1 of the 3 democratic voters that are retarded.

If they can sell that conspiracy I don’t see why the GOP can’t sway at least a few percentage of voters on rising oil prices tied to Biden. And ending the Keystone pipeline wasn’t the only negative oil executive order he passed. And if he keeps spending trillions everything is going to keep going up not just gas.

Biden: election promise made; election promise kept.

I don’t disagree. This has been an immediate gratification/what have you done for me lately country for a long time.

Time will tell when it comes to inflation and gas prices. Most economists I’ve read seem to believe the current jump in inflation is transitory. It’s a combination of wonky averaging since inflation is given as a yearly number, restarting of the economy with both demand-pull (people have money to spend with limited products available) and cost-push inflation (production has not returned to pre-pandemic levels), and base effect correcting for the pandemic. The Fed wants inflation to be above 2%. If it looks high come fall, I can’t imagine they wouldn’t make changes.

Gas prices have more to do with production than anything. WTI has been on the rise since last November. If production doesn’t improve, it’ll be tough. US crude production dropped over 2 million barrels per day during the pandemic and is still down. OPEC+ has now agreed to increase production.

If inflation and gas prices have improved by fall it probably won’t be a big deal for voters given the 2022 elections would still be a year away.

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Biden’s primary socialist global order directive is to bankrupt the US and create enough internal conflict to justify a more heavy-handed and oppressive government to maintain/restore order.

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Keep it under your hat.

No one is to know.

There are eyes everywhere.

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Hope your right and it gets back to where it was. While I am a conservative I never would want people to suffer through inflation over something as petty as winning and election. Not to mention the most vulnerable will be the ones who always suffers the worst in inflation.

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