"Key Witness" killed

Joshua Brown, a so called “key witness” in the Amber Guyger murder case was shot and killed by unknown assailants on Friday, Oct.5.
Brown is being credited with helping get Guyger convicted.
Lee Merritt, Dallas race baiter and lawyer for Botham Jean’s family said that he spoke with Joshua Brown’s mother and that she is “devastated.”

“We all are,” Merritt said. “ was a key witness in the murder of Botham Jean that helped put Amber Guyger away. We need answers.”

Brown’s testimony was simply that he heard words between Jean and a female and then heard two shots.
That was hardly “key evidence” and certainly was no bombshell. Guyger’s testimony and the statements she had made for the last year reflected exactly the same thing.
I don’t see that he added anything that was not already known.
Merritt sounds like he is trying to conjure up a hit by Guyger’s supporters.

You think a witness who can corroborate or disprove the defendent’s story isn’t important?


I didn’t see the words “race baiter” in the article. Is that just your opinion?


How is this Lee Merritt fella a race baiter?

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Why is the op disparage a man who did the right thing and came forth and testified against a police officer? He should be thanked.

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Any relation?

October 5th was Saturday

He was killed due to being in a drug deal gone bad.

Doesn’t change that he was being disparaged in the op.

Disparaged in what way?

Read the OP again. There is no disparaging of Brown there.

Hmmmmm Brown was concerned for his safety if he testified came foward:

Lee Merritt — a lawyer for the family of Botham Jean, the black man who was fatally shot by Guyger, a white officer who was off duty but in uniform — previously said Brown had reservations about testifying in the trial because of concerns for his safety.

Oh wait . . . if your a drug dealer you would be concerned if it looks like your willing to talk to the cops and testify about things:

Officials said the three men traveled from Alexandria, Louisiana, to purchase drugs from Brown, 28, in the parking lot of a Dallas apartment complex.

Police confiscated 12 pounds of marijuana, 149 grams of THC cartridges and $4,157 in cash during a search of Brown’s home, Moore said.

He wasn’t disparaged in the OP.

That’s one opinion.

So this key witness was a drug-dealer who got murdered over drugs? :thinking:

Where precisely is the disparagement?? Quote it.

Looks like. You’d think the prosecution could find a better witness.

An, “assassinated” drug dealer… :rofl:

How did they need a “better” witness?


Drug dealers are not typically the most reliable people you can put on the witness stand.