Kevin McCarthy to be GOP House minority leader

Kevin McCarthy was chose this morning to lead the house GOP minority January… Two Californian’s running the house…

Better than alleged molester Jordan. Maybe not so much in keeping with republican tradition though.

It does kind of make one wonder what sexual skeletons will pop up about McCarthy now.

I hadn’t thought about him, but now I do have to wonder.

Just what we need, another prominent conspiracy minded slandering republican partisan named McCarthy leading the Senate.

I guess it’s technically better than Gym Jordan, but not by a lot.

Hey remember when McCarthy posted a video that falsely claimed George Soros was funding the (now forgotten) migrant caravan and then like three days later a guy literally used that as his justification to murder a bunch of jews at a Synagogue?

That must have been ages ago.

Remember when the caravan was pouring over our border with Middle Eastern terrorists and carrying in unknown diseases right up until November 6?

Now we haven’t heard nary a peep from our POTUS on this impending doom.

was he buying Pizza in NYC or something?..

It’s simply amazing how the US handily defeated that invasion force without even a peep of the battle on the news.

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No, but Republicans have a 20 year tradition of their House leadership being some kind of sexual deviant save for Paul Ryan, who conservatives hated.

In the breaking news threads that the administrators post on behalf of Hannity they are announcing the caravan has arrived. It consists of 12 people!!!



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So at 5,000 troops, that is about 416 military personnel per asylum seeker…

LMFAO - its because they are bad bad people.

416 troops per asylum seeker is fiscal responsibility at its best.

Time to hide yo kids, hide yo wife!!

12 people - Its no joke. Hannity has said so - The caravan of 12 people has reached the border!!!

That has got to be fake news. There’s no way the threat diminished like Democrats said it would. It’s obviously a diversion so nobody stops the real invasion coming in through the underground super-highway Soros had built.


They diminished because they knew Trump would kick their asses right out. He’s strong, and they’re afraid of him. It was in the news because Trump recognized that we’re losing our country, and he’s helping take it back. #MAGA

I always finding it laughable that the super macho gunnits are the first to be terrified of an invasion of women and children fleeing for their lives.

I couldn’t care less who the R’s choose to be their leaders in Congress. Not my party.