Kevin McCarthy blames me for Capitol invasion

  • Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said in a recent interview that “everybody across this country” is to blame for the Capitol riots.

I assure you that I had nothing to with this insanity.



That’s quite the blanket statement.


I give him credit, though. It’s gotta be tough to sacrifice whatever self-dignity he had left and still try to be a Trump bootlicker after the guy got voted out of office.

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I dindu nuffin’!

Exactly. Why would somebody blame you for the insane goings on that happen Jan 6?

Are you willing to take blame where none exists?


If everyone had just believed Trump’s lies we wouldn’t be in this mess.

Wouldn’t be the first time. lol



which included Trump, Democrats, social media users, and law enforcement.

“I also think everybody across this country has some responsibility,” he said during the interview. “Think about four years ago after President Trump was sworn in. What happened the very next day? The title was resist with people walking in the streets.”

Is he wrong?


Are you blaming the former POTUS.

Perish the thought.

You are to blame…


Of course he is wrong. Everyone did not bear some responsibility for the actions of the insane.

I refuse to accept ANY responsibility for the capitol invasion.


Did you read the article?

Didn’t have to.

Kevin told me in his own words.

“As a nation, I know we sit back and we’re appalled by what we’re seeing,” McCarthy said. “But I want everybody to take a deep breath and understand: We all have some responsibility here.”


He’s not wrong that people were protesting Trump right after the inauguration. He’s wrong in equating that protest as “bad” or somehow responsible for the unrest 4 years later.

Didn’t think so. P-anon fake news.

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You disagree with his opinion. That’s fine.

Do you agree that the summer riots contributed? The holding up of his severed head in effigy? The constant vitriol about him?

It seems pretty obvious to me McCarthy is talking about the radicalization environment.

Jan 6th didn’t happen in isolation.


Was it violent or non-violent, or mostly non-violent?

Are you willing to blame President Trump?

The only people to blame are those who broke into the Capitol. Their mistake? Watching people destroy data, lie to both Congress and the Media, a church being burned, the attack on the White House, burning and looting across the country, a part of a city being taken over, with no serious consequences to anyone.

How many millions watched this yet decided they were not going to add to the idiocy? Then a couple hundred idiots invaded Pelosi’s domain and all of a sudden everyone from the President to those who voted for the President are to blame. For a couple hundred people, razor wire needs to be installed around the Capitol and over 25,000 troops deployed.

The call of Pelosi went out to punish us–while left-wing looting, burning, rioting continue to occur without consequences.

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There’s the current state of political discourse and then there’s using that discourse to overturn elections. The later was the fault of the President, his enablers in Congress and within the media. What happened at the Capitol is their fault. It is not the fault of “everyone”. Not by a long shot.

Are they two separate things and if so, how?

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Another piss poor attempt at false equivalence.

The last time the Capital was invaded by terrorists was 1812.

You don’t seem to be terribly up to date on this topic.