Kentucky to quarantine anyone attending easter services

good. Every state should do this. you’re free to attend church but not free to rish teh health of others…

I think Idaho should do it as well. “Would you like to know more”


Interesting. From the article:

Quarantine notices will then be delivered in person.

I guess the guy delivering the notice will then have to go in the house of the violator and share quarantine quarters after coming in contact with the violator…

I’m on board with calling for churches not to gather congregations in person, but having state spies recording license plate seems draconian.

And the proximity of congregants won’t be much different from proximity in a supermarket line. But only this one type of gathering is being singled out for a jackbooted response.

Bad optics, that.


Good luck enforcing that. There aren’t enough cops and some of them will no doubt be attending services as well.

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Can i ask a stupid question and i mean to ask this respectfully and not sarcastically other than weather is there anything preventing churches from doing the services outside.

I respect people’s right to practice their faith

Ordinances in many communities forbid it.

I doubt many have outdoor PA systems either so if you where five rows back all you’d likely hear is traffic.

Then of course is the weather, it’s spring which means sever storm season in the gulf states.

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Nope. Bye

Some states think every state should legalize drug use and take away guns. Just sayin

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Well, you get “blown away” with either/both… .

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I am going to church online like I have for the past several Sundays. That works good for me.


How could a community forbid outside services? Wouldn’t that be a freedom of religion issue?

:rofl::rofl: I figured you get a kick out of that. :rofl::rofl:

Zoning laws.

The same way they prevent bible study groups over X size from meeting in private residencies.


Mississippi church using an outdoor drive in movie theatre with all the people in their cars with the windows rolled up listening on radio, everybody fined $500.
Government sucks, more Government kills.


It’s just a freedom issue, they just don’t like us Christians, because they fear Christ.
Sound familiar?

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@JimmyC , they want everyone to stay home because of the Chinese Wuhan Virus. They have opted for the Chinese solution. The Sweden solution give everyone more personal responsibility.

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We need to imprison them all. No place for religion in free society.

I agree. I wish Kentucky good luck enforcing and unfortunately necessary ordinance.

they tried this in mississippi but big john law cited everyone

miss your freedom yet?

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how about the idiot leftist governor of michigan cracking down on people visiting their neighbor

“ah finally we can ignore the constitution!”