Kentucky storms

The devastation is pretty severe with significant casualties all around where the storms touched down. I am hoping the casualty numbers do not spike though it seems likely that they will

We have a lot of posters here from the Midwest and i just wanted to take the time to say that I hope everyone and their families are ok

It was a rowdy ass night for the Heartland states, that’s for sure.

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Fun facts about the other Senator from Kentucky:

In 2017, Paul was one of just 17 senators to oppose an emergency $15.3 billion federal relief bill for victims of Hurricane Harvey. It had wreaked havoc similar to Friday’s tornado, but not in Kentucky.

In 2013, Paul was one of 31 Republican senators who voted against a $50.5 billion relief aid package for Hurricane Sandy

In 2011, Paul’s first year in the Senate, he was among 38 Republicans voting against a major FEMA funding package despite the fact that his own state of Kentucky had been the nation’s largest recipient of FEMA funding ($293 million), mostly because of a 2009 ice storm.

Yet, Paul wrote a letter to Biden, and FEMA aid was immediately granted. No questions asked.

Keep this in mind if/when your state needs FEMA assistance.

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Prayers up for everyone in the Midwest. I hope you guys are safe and sound.

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FEMA is great.

Imagine the govt helping people in wake of a disaster.


More like people helping people.

Gov is horribly inefficient.

All help is appreciated. Rand Paul objects to the woeful inefficiency and pork that gets forced through on these relief packages.

Spending without limit is corrupt.


imagine the president blaming this disaster on “climate change” while people’s lives lay in ruin just to score political points on it


The point is Paul was okay denying aid to other Americans but expects it for his state.

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If there is a relief package put together for this event, Rand Paul will vote for it no questions asked.

When it is other States he has concerns.

It’s a game to the man.

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Rand Paul is trash. A really disgusting human being. And it shows here. No compassion when other states are in need. What it benefits him, all spending is good.


All that socialism program. Can we afford it? Why should we pay to fix your house?

I’m surprised that wasn’t more warning to citizens.

The tornado travel the longest distance ever record. That is what I heard.

I read an article which said they had 20 mins notice :man_facepalming:

The same article then said that the tornado traveled over 200 Miles!!!

Let’s go Biden. Send help when needed. No need to ask if they voted for you or not.

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never let a disaster go to waste like this


December tornados are rare. Well at least they used to be.

What is causing no snow in Denver and tornados in December is up for debate.


no they arent. no they werent

not according to the armchair climatologist at FEMA

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for those of you who like be painfully aware of reality, and not believe democrats like they are god:


And my rebuttal


in indiana. vs that entire map.

that’s a pretty lousy rebuttal.

it’s obvious why nbc pushes this ■■■■■■■■■■ people glom right onto it