Kentucky couple fit with ankle monitors, placed on house arrest, for refusing to sign quarantine documents

Welcome to the Global War on Pandemics.

They verbally agreed to self-quarantine, but since they refused to sign their papers please, they were accused of escalation and the law was sent in to force them into compliance.

Restrictions on domestic travel.

Wow, speaking of authoritarianism.

Can’t wait for all of our “proggie” SJW’s to come and speak out against this.

If the story is accurately portrayed then its a Complete overreaction and overreach.

However anyone who tests positive for COVID 19 should face some repercussions if they Are found to be out and about.

Anyone who tests postiive and refuses to self quarantine are a public health risk. And yes I know the couple made it clear they had no issue with self quarantining.

Patriot Act 2.0, here we come!

Definitely not that but there has to be some form of enforcement for those who have tested positive and refuse to self quarantine.

Its not that had to stay at home for 14 days.

There is a real debate between individual liberty and public safety.

While I do not agree with the ankle monitoring and feels that it is an infringement on rights, I do feel that their objection to signing the form was with little merit.

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Agreed ankle monitoring is way over the top.

“Something” needs to be done. The government needs to do “something”.

You’re playing right into it. :wink:

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It’s OK to take a little freedom away. It’s for the greater good. :wink:

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Comepletely understand that concern but Public health has always used legislation to enforce certain behavior. There is nothing new about that.

Yes its a fine line but we just keeping seeing idiots basically saying its their god given right to spread the virus.

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There’s no fine line, Nemesis. No-travel databases are coming, and ironically enough, it will come from the Trump government, with libs jumping on board to be forced into compliance.

Good times! :rofl:

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I dont have a problem with a temporary travel ban into and out of hot spots but I agree databases and ankle monitors are a step too far.

No easy answers.

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The easy answer is “no”.

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True and its an option, do nothing and let the virus burn its way through society until herd immunity is reached.

That was an option the UK government seriously considered at first.

I’m not sure society is willing to let millions of Americans die to reach herd immunity.

I agree but it is still an option.


Very few seem to have a problem with it as evidenced by the phone tracking done earlier.

People are already carrying the instrument needed to do a soft track.

Enough people will, until it directly affects them and/or loved ones. Then they’ll want something done but by then it will be too late to change course.

It’s likely already too late to do anything but let it burn through. In the beginning there were too many refusing to abide by CDC protocols, too many saying this was no worse than the flu, too many openly denying reality by holding mass gatherings and even COVID parties. There’s a reason 23% of the world’s COVID dead are American although we are only 4.7% of the world’s population.

Individualism is a fine thing, and necessary. But too often it degenerates into selfishness, egotism, and unwarranted entitlement. We are going to Karen ourselves into many more hundreds of thousands of deaths.


Excellent. That’s the right way.

Hope you, your family, friends, coworkers and all their associated loved ones escape unscathed. I mean that, truly. If we missed a chance in early spring to come together in order to protect each other because of divisive partisanship, it makes each COVID death a tragedy 3 times over.