Kenly NC Entire Police Force Quits

Progressives win again!

“If the city manager resigns we’ll come back”


Strange that he refuses to say what problem he has with the “progressively responsible” town manager…

I am sure all sort of imaginary scenarios will be created…

“Neither the post nor his letter spelled out specific grievances the officers had against Jones.”

What did she do? Sounds more like a bunch of entitled brats stomping their feet


Well there’s “creating a hostile work environment “. Curiously two clerks quit as well. Solidarity perhaps but I’m curious too as to what specifically brought them to all resign.

This is a wild story. Looking a little into this the former town manager had to step down after he was charged with misdemeanor sexual battery in 2020.

Then that woman filed a civil lawsuit against the former manager and the Town alleging that when she called the police the Chief of Police told her to move on from the incident.

This town sounds disfunctional.

And what did she do to create a hostile work environment? Anything?

Definitely not Mayberry NC. This should get some media attention, a town with no PD even a small town gets businesses owners jittery. I know where Kenly is, it’s right off the Interstate.

The resignations also look to be a non story

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office will provide law enforcement protection for as long as the town needs, Sheriff Steve Bizzell said in a statement.


Maybe they misunderstood the meaning of the word “progressive “ as it was used in this instance. The NY Post sure did, judging by that headline. Not surprised.

Well there’s the obvious thing.

Of course the Sheriff will provide services. The town of Kenly will contract with the county Sheriffs Office!
The town of Kenly will pay for the services, that’s how it works. Where’s the nearest Sheriffs Office? What’s the emergency response time?
This is awesome!

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Yeah, I noticed that too. He complains about a hostile work environment, but doesn’t give any details.

Until new info is given, I’m gonna write this off to “whiny white gen x-er, pissed off that he has a black (gasp) female (shudder) boss”. To hell with him.

Nah. Couldn’t be that. I’m sure the reasoning that they won’t give is totally on the level

Population 1,339

When big city bull feces arrives in smalltown USA…the sane there tell the insane…you’ve got this…bye Felicia. It will be interesting to watch this unfold.

She took her position in June.

What the heck happened in a month and a half?

Not really

Let him stay unemployed

Maybe she told him to do his damn job?

Did you catch the part of the article where this dude told a sexual assault victim to just get over it?

Yeah I did.

Then the allegation of stopping a deputy filing paperwork for that same crime.

This is a weird story.