Kellyanne quits

Kellyanne Conway to leave the White House at the end of the month, citing the need to focus on her family. Her family is falling apart.


I rarely say this but i actually wish her luck to her and her family.


Wonder if she has a book deal yet?

Her reason to be at home to help school her kids is good and valid. And I also wonder if it has become so difficult to spin some of Trump’s comments? And I have always wondered if she wasn’t one of the main leaks at the WH?

Kellyann is an awful person who promoted violence, racism, and hate. She’s not the victim here.


Will she still speak at the RNC convention?

And the classic…Alternative Facts.


I have no love for Kellyanne Conway, or her husband. But I won’t attack them for trying to work things out and be there for their family. I wish them well.


She didn’t quit. .She’s going in an alternative direction … :grin:.


And she violated the Hatch Act at least 20 times.


Again, hope their family can find common ground and peace and the kids are ok. But zero sympathy for this ■■■■■■■■ she’s been pulling for YEARS now. For money.

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It seems being so close to Trump and peddling his alternative facts comes with a cost. Hopefully she can salvage her marriage, her family, and some small remnant of her integrity once she’s out of his inner circle.

But she’s not an innocent victim.



She’s going to work on her book about the Battle of Bowling Green .

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I had forgotten about that one. Good catch!

Best of luck to her and her family

It is obvious the Conway family is in crisis. It crossed my mind when Trump was insulting Conways husband how that would impact their children.

But then again for the past four years both the Conway parents seem to have put themselves first.

Heres to hoping the family can find a way forward.


She’s not. But her husband has also quit and her daughter is in the verge of being taken advantage of…
I do agree with Kellyanne that not all of her daughter social media followers have pure intentions.

She needs to care for her family.

IMO Her husband doesn’t deserve her… Hopefully they can heal and move forward.

I am sure she will remain an advocate for President Trump. She was well skilled at focusing on the issue.

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Way to take a shot. Both sides need leave these two people alone right now. They both quit their jobs. And their daughter is desperately needing them. It took a crisis. Should have never gotten this bad.


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