Kelly Sadler (WH aide who mocked McCain) Out

Only like a month too late.

TDS in full swing.

Who fired her?

How, praytell, is this Trump Derangement Syndrome?

Unless of course, you mean that the people following Trump are completely deranged, in which case, yes. Yes it is.

How is reporting on events in the Donald Administration TDS?

Well, at least they’re not using “Fake News” anymore.

Don’t give them ideas!

I now see reports of people leaving but do not see reports of new hires.

They had enough trouble hiring the first round of WH staffers, after Kushner found out they had to replace Obama’s staff of course.

darth has updated the White House ETTD Group Shot:

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Only the best people.

IOW…after examining everything thoroughly, the POTUS does what you desired but it still isn’t good enough because now…it wasn’t fast enough for your time table? Seriously…grow up. Even your family will appreciate that.

If it’s anything like the DoJ, then I imagine there are just lots and lots and lots of vacant offices…

And he should tweet about how she was fired for being an asshat.

Love the Ty Cobb ref. Lol!

Buh-bye now

She was safe until she ratted out her boss.

She wasn’t fired for her comment about McCain.

She was fired because she accused Mercedes Schlapp of leaking.

You feel the same way about Samantha Bee?

How bout McCain’s family?