Keep the college football playoff system at 4 teams

Why? Because it has worked flawlessly. The playoff system was supposed to ensure that the top two teams get a chance at the national championship. So when it’s close, they don’t vote the wrong team out. So far there has been no controversy with the top two teams. The debate has always been over the 4, 5 or 6th. ranked team. The system was not put in place to be fair to the top ten. It was put in place to give the top two a shot at the championship. It’s been a total success.

I think that the best thing to happen was to have a panel decide the rankings and took the computers out of it. I agree that the system has worked well.

Agreed keep it at 4. Mainly because more teams means elongating the playoff season way past the regular season which shouldn’t happen at a college level.

Bama fans probably want a system that makes it impossible to keep their team out. :smirk:

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