Keep getting "server errors" on the site

Anyone else having this issue? And also get 503 errors when trying to edit a post.


I have had that happen in the past, but not recently.

Not an issue currently.

Edit … test


It’s been going on and off. Went to numerous, down detectors all but one showed it down, One site specified, in "Chicago, " “Warsaw Poland” and “Singapore.” down.

It went down briefly a while ago, then a half hour later it was down longer.

Yeah…it’s getting bad out here in great NW.

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Testing out “kill switches?”

I had the same issue for about an hour.

The man is working on it.


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^^^ da man :+1:

I haven’t heard word yet, but a reboot and possibly backup had to be done this morning. Some discussions may have been lost, fyi.

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Seems more like Chico is working on it…That man is usually better than this. It was down just now for about 20 minutes or more.

Some of the younger people won’t get the reference.


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It could be just me but i am getting an “oops” and a software error for extended periods of time. I need my fix maaaan.

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…aannndd we’re back! For now.

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Any idea of cause?

That picture thread is extremely slow to load when it’s not timing out.

Operator Error

What did you do?

I dindu nuffin.

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You’re the tech guy…aren’t you the operator?