Keep fighting the good fight sean

Sean bless you for your support of the president and help to fend off the liberal socialists last night. Keep exposing them for what they are!

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Fair and balanced!!

Yes the right needs a voice to cut through all of the hatred coming from the left media

Directly from the campaign stage!

Vert true the soviets had Pravda so not a new model

Thanks conan I appreciate the support. In my 53 years on earth I never thought I would see Democrats embrace socialism like they do no. That girl in New York thinks she’s the future but last night we rejected their agenda and gave trump the senators he needs to get judges on the bench!

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We are all socialists, my brother. Some of us embrace it. Others hate themselves for it. Welcome to the forum.

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subsides to soybean farmers = socialism, subsides to coal = socialism so we have already embraced it and voted to keep it up yesterday

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So we’re back to EVERYTHING IS SOCIALISM again? That act got boring 8 years ago.


Socialism killed more people than any other ideology in history. Sorry if I dont want to see my country go down the drain because a bunch of kid liberals think its trendy and cool without knowing history

You’re benefitting from socialism as we speak. does that bother you?

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I worked for what I have and I pay taxes for infrastructure. I’m not out here begging for handouts because I borrowed too much money for a gender studies degree

Oh, I don’t know. I think I can be entertained by the “EVERYTHING IS SOCIALISM” routine at least until I die, and my ghost can be entertained by it for another forty or fifty years. Then it might begin to get boring, but I doubt it.

I’m learning a quick, easy rule from the forum though: Anybody who says something like “You don’t know history” and is gearing himself or herself up to teach it almost certainly doesn’t know history and is about to make a fool of themselves.


So you’re not a soybean farmer, I guess. Those dudes are straight up socialists. I’m sure you would agree.

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Not to mention that our military is socialist. Of course, the list goes on and on.

But they’ve redefined the term, much like a Living Constitutionalist.

When they say socialist, they mean socialist policies that liberals support.

The socialist policies that conservatives support are Real America, or something equally nonsensical.

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Ah, the old “if the government can run libraries, then why isn’t it ok for them to control all means of production and your life” argument.

Always love the classic lines :rofl:

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Might want to talk to the good folk on Staten Island and see how they feel about Donovan.

Oh right he was ousted.


I’m not surprised by it at all, you could see it cooking in the 90s. What is surprising is that I never thought I’d see conservative Republicans embrace a man like Donald Trump.

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Trump may be crass, but at least he understands how to grow the economy