KAVANAUGH: ‘My Family Has Been Destroyed’ Over Assault Allegations

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/kavanaugh-my-family-has-been-destroyed-over-assault-allegations/

Judge Brett Kavanaugh fiercely defended himself from Dr. Christine Ford’s three-decades old sexual assault allegations Thursday afternoon; saying the national attention and “false accusations” have completely “destroyed” his family.

Kavanaugh was speaking before the Senate Judiciary Committee just minutes after Dr. Ford wrapped her Congressional testimony; warning “If the mere assertion of an allegation, a refuted allegation from 36 years ago, is enough to destroy a person’s life and career, we will have abandoned the basic principles of fairness and due process that define our legal system and our country."

Kavanaugh went on to discuss the impact the derailed nomination process has had on his family; saying “explaining this to our daughters has been the worst experience of our lives."