KAVANAUGH: ‘My Family Has Been Destroyed’ Over Assault Allegations | Sean Hannity

Judge Brett Kavanaugh fiercely defended himself from Dr. Christine Ford’s three-decades old sexual assault allegations Thursday afternoon; saying the national attention and “false accusations” have completely “destroyed” his family.

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Kavanaugh proved his being too unstable to sit on the Supreme Court.

His crying jags and then indignant angers makes me think he is seriously bipolar.

His family hasn’t been destroyed. Bet he still owns his house(s). Bet he still has his money in the bank. He still has his law degrees and law licenses.

Bet he still has all of his property, his cars, his clothes.

How has his family been destroyed?

They still have all of those things.

They still have their father.

He still has all of them.

Tell you what Lou…let’s go dig up something from your high school or college years that is FALSE, call you every name in the book, threaten your WIFE & KIDS and create a national circus concerning your reputation, and then see if your sorry ass thinks it’s funny.

Pathetic losers like you are all that’s left in the Democrat party and the world is watching you children STILL have tantrums because you lost an election. Shut the hell up!

a family isnt defined by a house and cars

thanks for saying the stupidest thing in the universe today. and thats a lot considering how democrats acted today


So how exactly are they “destroyed”?

why are you asking me?

You seemed to have insight to the matter.

I guess you don’t. Sorry.

■■■■ Dude Bro Brett. Boo hoo. Maybe you shouldn’t have engaged in sexual assault, you angry and impulsive SOB.

i dont. although i am not idiotic enough to judge his family’s integrity and wits by if he still has a house and cars. even the soul-less democrats like durbin admit they cant imagine what his family’s been through, before his attempt to convince kav to roil his life more with fbi investigations until democrats take house/senate. at least, so democrats are praying (atvleast the ones who believe in god)

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the spider ugly left must be horrified that this good man might be in a position to make it harder to get abortions

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I agree. It was a totally meaningless statement on Kavanaugh’s part. Just more hysteria on an already hysterical day.

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you agree with what? i didnt say it was a meaningless statement

i just agree with those who understand the inconceivable ordeal it must be for his family

its good to see good people like kav still exist today. i feel for their family i hope it survives this soul-less bastard left assault

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He made the accusation that his family was destroyed but provided no evidence.

And we all know that means the allegation should be ignored.

I thought that’s what you meant.

there is plenty of corroboration that his family is destroyed.

thats what real non looney flake allegations have

He is still going to be a Judge if not one of the highest Judge in the world, His kids will still get into good schools, etc.

his family isn’t destroyed.

thats not a measure of if a family has been devastated or not

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You want to see a family get “Destroyed” go to family court and see a father be told he can only see his children for two hours a month.

Cry me a river literary nothing in his life will change because of this outside of the fact he may not become a Supreme Court Justice.

a criminal father would def do a lot to destroy a family yes i am sure