Kavanaugh closed due to 10,000 th post

So when all the Kavanaugh threads got combined into 1 thread. It automatically locks at 10,000 posts? Really!

Yay! We found the forum limits!

Ok…that is actually a major achievement. LOL!
It took a less than a month for it to get that many posts. Impressive…most impressive.

I was making a reply in that thread last night when the system shut it down. I thought we may have actually broke the forum last night :smiley:

I was trying to be the 10,000th post. And thought I broke it too.

It’s sad the SC has this much power, this is getting as much attention as the Presidency vote a week before election.

It’s not the Supreme Court as much as it is the media circus that calls us to watch 10 hours of testimony.

Many people vote if nothing else because of the SC. One of the reasons the never Trump movement was a farce, they held their nose and pulled the lever.

I’m a never Trumpet. I voted libertarian. And Hillary still didn’t win.

The SC is an branch of government equal to the executive. It is appropriate to pay that much attention.