Kavanaugh and Roberts are Liberal trojan horses

I knew that about Roberts and I strongly suspected that’s how Kavanaugh would turn out.
Kavanaugh and Roberts are voting together and they’re voting liberal.

Chief Justice John Roberts and the court’s newest member, Brett Kavanaugh, have voted in tandem on nearly every case that’s come before them since Kavanaugh joined the court in October. They’ve been more likely to side with the court’s liberal justices than its other conservatives.

so was it worth it then?

No. I thought he was a bad nomination to begin with.

Cons were defending Kavanaugh to the hilt not so long ago. What a difference a year makes.

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That’s the whole thing, isn’t it?

Don’t count your justices before they hatch.

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When will Trump start tweeting about how terrible Kavanaugh is and how he wants to pass laws that Presidents can remove Justices.

That would be poetic justice for the GOP falling on the sword for a sexual predator only to end up with a not so reliable conservative vote.


It is a mistake to view Judge’s opinions in the context of political partisanship. Ideology, sure - but the Justices don’t really care about politics.


I think the jury is still out on Cavanaugh. There will be a major decision where he will impose his revenge on all the libs that tried to take him down.

Apparently the SC still holds themselves above partisanship.

And exactly how is that bad?

When you at politics as a battle, not toeing the party line is treason.

Sure they do. Roberts has said he has turned into a judicial hermaphrodite because he doesn’t want the Court to be seen as either liberal or conservative.

I haven’t seen any conservatives in this thread expressing feelings of being duped.
I said when Trump picked him I thought he was a closet liberal.

Roberts didn’t say that.

“We don’t work as Democrats or Republicans,” he [Roberts] has said, a theme he has returned to while trying to strike a delicate balance as the chief justice.

Yes. That’s what he said. He said that the Justices do not rule based on partisanship. Kinda the point I’ve bern making this whole time.

Not whatever nonsense you made up about “political hermaphrodites”.


We literally hold weeks of hearings to try and establish that a justice will not rule based in partisanship.

An article confirming that is evidence of what exactly?

He was supposed to say “I work as a Republican””?”… seriously?

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Kavanaugh doesn’t want to be impeached. Roberts is worried about the image of the SCOTUS on his watch. He knows he screwed up with obamacare.

Read the article. He does not want the public to “perceive” that he court is either liberal or conservative. He fashions his decisions to try to assure that perception. His only concern when writing a decision should be the constitution.

I wonder if the lefties are changing their minds about that. I’m sure they are.