Karen or Franklin Templeton?

I love how the man in this video is calmly handling himself. He advised her to please not come any closer to him from the beginning, and to tell the cops “whatever you like”.

Isn’t keeping distance a boundary? She proceeded to falsely accuse him of threatening her and her dog.

Did Franklin Templeton act properly in termination of her employment? Perhaps they should have conducted an investigation that placed her on leave of absence before termination, but other than that, I would say yes.

New York is an employment at will state. No one is guaranteed a job, nor a reason for termination.

Some employers have social media policies where if social media posts embarrass them as the employer, termination may be in order. A woman clearly visible & audible filing false claims against a man that make it viral may be, to them, considered embarrassing.

Not to mention some clients may request another financial manager if birdwatching is considered threatening human life. Maybe this one isn’t rowing with both oars.


I’m going to predict that she’ll get a modest settlement out of it.