Kansas Senate primary today (Republicans across the country are wearing adult diapers for this one)

Kansas Senate primary today.

Why are Republicans wearing those adult diapers???

Because they will surely ■■■■ their pants if Kris Kobach wins.

Kris Kobach is to Kansas as Roy Moore was to Alabama.

Kobach has previously lost statewide in Kansas and polls show that if he is the nominee, Republicans could very well lose the Kansas Senate seat in November.

I know there are a lot of Republicans praying for Marshall.


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What’s the outlook?

No idea as to who wins this primary, nobody really knows at all.

If Marshall wins, this seat likely stays Republican.

If Kobach wins, this seat is, at best, a pure tossup. But with the declining Republican fortunes, it probably would be closer to lean Democrat.

I wish Kobach well.

PS love the title and OP.



I try to be creative.

I will admit, I do NOT wish Kobach well. The reason is, there is a chance, albeit small, that he could win in November and enter the Senate. For the sake of the country, I don’t want that to happen.

I would be happy with Marshall winning the primary and election.

The Kansas seat is not necessary for Democrats to flip the Senate.

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I support Kris Kobach because the Republican Party should have a candidate that represents its true interests. And he does.


Point taken.

That’s a good point too.

Does Kobach have a history of going after underage girls ?

The Arizona primary is also today. Arizona Republicans will be ■■■■■■■■ their pants if Arpaio wins his primary today.


Despite not being pedo-curious like Roy Moore, Kobach is somehow an even worse candidate. It’s super embarrassing. And it’s embarrassing because he’s Trump if Trump had read like twenty books over the course of his life.

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Don’t be shocked if it happens. It’s a dark horse race and Arpaio has national name ID, the single most important thing in politics now. There may be three people on Arizona who never heard of him and they’ve all been in comas since the 1970s.

Not really the same situation.

McSally and Trump are already toast in Arizona, regardless of Arpaio. What it COULD effect is the Arizona Legislature, with increased anti-Arpaio turnout possibly helping to flip the State House.

A-yep. Republicans deserve Kobach.

Cool video here from 1974 race

Btw, Bob Dole is still very much engaged with current events at age of 97 and recently authored this op-ed: