Kangaroo Court Crew will be burning an looting tonight

They don’t care what the evidence shows. They don’t care about the investigating. All the kangaroo Court Crew wants in “justice”, and will settle for nothing less than charges, a trial, and conviction.

Expect the Kangaroo Court Crew to be out in force in Kenosha Wisconsin and beyond – and expect the mostly peacfull crew to light a couple of fires to stay warm on the cold January days/nights.

“It is my decision now that no Kenosha law enforcement officer will be charged with any criminal offense based on the facts and laws,” Graveley said Tuesday.

The announcement of no charges . .

“We feel this decision failed not only Jacob and his family, but the community that protested and demanded justice,” the statement read. “Officer Sheskey’s actions sparked outrage and advocacy throughout the country, but the District Attorney’s decision not to charge the officer who shot Jacob in the back multiple times, leaving him paralyzed, further destroys trust in our justice system. This sends the wrong message to police officers throughout the country.”

The stoking of the flames by the attorneys (who in my opinion if rioting errupts, should be charged with enciting a riot).

Blake’s father, Jacob Blake Sr., on Monday called for charges against the officer while urging Kenosha to “stand up and make some noise.”

The father outright calling for riots tonight . . .

Is inciting a riot still a law?

If it is…

Oh great…and right before the Georgia election results too. If a Republican wins, who is pro-LEO, they will most likely be deemed as a racist, and the riots will get worse.

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Those rioters better steer clear of the teenagers this time. lol

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So if I’m reading this right, there are no actual riots yet. This is a pre-riot thread.


These riots are why we need the 2nd amendment. No one has the right to endanger another person’s life, liberty, property, or pursuit of happiness.

Yep. Which is kind of admitting that there is some injustice to riot about.

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What would it serve now? Election is over. Libs got their president.

What are we talking about again?


Perdeived injustice by trhe Kangaroo crew. Why do you think they rioted before an investigation? (the cop was guilty then, and he’s guilty now.) Why do you think the state activated 500 national guardsmen to go to the area (he’s guilty and they will burn the town down to prove it).

But you know that. They don’t want real trials, the Kangaroo crew just wants the officer found guilty and sentenced. Anything less in “injustice”.

What cop shooting a black man. There can be no reason for it, the cop has to be guilty. Kangaroo court is what they want where the cop is charged and convicted regardless of evidence.

It’s injustice based on the laws and institutions of criminal justice.

Nobody, in their right mind, would sit here and say that Jacob deserved to be shot in the back by cops.

That act may not be illegal but that doesn’t make it any less wrong.

I hope for peaceful protesting, we shall see

The governor pre-deployed the NG.


Has nothing to do with this:

The decision has been made that the police acted lawfully. What point in peaceful protesting after the fact? Aren’t they trying to undo the will of the people as determined by the system? One rule for Lib activists. Another for patriots.

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So not caring about evidence and investigations is a bad thing in this situation? Got it.

Pre-deployment is key, as the OP demonstrates.

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So is Kenosha burning yet?

Kangaroo Court Crew the a such a cool name though.

I had their album back in the 90’s