KAMALA UNHINGED: Sen. Harris Accuses ICE of ‘Human Rights Abuse’ at Border

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/kamala-unhinged-sen-harris-accuses-ice-of-human-rights-abuse-at-border/

Hyper-liberal senator and 2020 hopeful Kamala Harris unloaded on the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency Monday evening; accusing federal agents of committing “human rights abuse” along the US-Mexico border.

Harris slammed ICE agents on social media over “family separations” occurring when immigrant families are apprehended after crossing into the United States illegally, saying “Every single day these families are separated, another child goes to sleep terrified because they don’t know where their parents are. All because of a policy used to punish immigrants fleeing violence. This remains a human rights abuse.”

The Senator’s comments come as leading Democrats -including NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and NY Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand- renewed their calls for the total “abolishment” of ICE; claiming the agency no longer reflects “American values.”

I would say anyone who doesn’t view the stripping children from their parents with no plans of unification as a human rights abuse is the person who has become “unhinged”.

Unhinged lol. You guys need a new word

You know fully well that Democrats don’t care about those children. They’re just a useful prop to attack Republicans with. I’m not entirely sure those kids aren’t crisis actors being paid by Soros or the Koch brothers.

This woman is NUTS!

The Hannity bot isn’t too creative. Unhinged…Busted…It Begins…Great Again. Nearly every title.

Which make her perfect candidate for pres.