Kamala helps bail out child rapist

Why do the dems always insist on being super soft on violent offenders? They keep their mouths shut when cops are gunned down, cities are ravaged, people are assaulted. They do everything they can to help the goons of the world. Even bailing child predators out of jail.


Not convicted, no trial yet, but you are ready to act like a jury has already decided.

so ok to bail him out huh?

Looks like she backed a real winning group there.

It’s guilty until proven innocent. Get with the program. :roll_eyes:

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A child rapist should never get out…ever!

Since bail is before a trial she must have a reasonable suspicion he is innocent. Fair enough?

As I am sure you are aware, no trial or jury are involved in the court of public opinion.

Clearly since we have elected a rapist as President.

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Oh I was just using the standard set here.

Of course. Do you think people should be imprisoned before guilty?

So, your issue is with the whole idea of bail…might want to amend the Constitution then.

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If somebody murdered or raped someone you knew would you want them in jail awaiting trail or released with a promise to appear?

The concept of bail is that politicians should raise funds used to bail out violent offenders and child abusers? Hmm, must have missed that definition.

I don’t care. It’s not about personal opinions or tastes. It comes down to one thing: not guilty until found guilty.

Hmm, so because bail exists, nobody can be criticized for raising bail for someone who strong evidence suggests is a danger to the community who gets out and committed another violent or heinous crime? I guess we all have our own moral standards. But I’d blame a mother for bailing out her own son in those circumstances.

Lol, couldn’t answer typical. When has bail ever about guilt or innocence? When has bail ever been set after a trail has established guilt or innocence?


do you think people accused of raping 8 yr olds should be let out of jail?

That’s your argument. You are free to do thought jazz if you want, but you’re not responding to what I wrote to altair.