Kamala Harris needs to go to the border immediately

Vice President Harris is killing immigrants and the whole planet by her failure to warn incoming migrants, such as these from Venezuela. They are leaving countries that are racism-free with near-perfect equity and enviably low carbon emissions to come to the land of systemic racism, racial inequity, and planet-killing emissions.

Consider the benefits of staying in Venezuela based on Harris’s own standards:

  1. Immigrants are leaving a socialist paradise that guarantees economic equity by making everyone live in extreme poverty. (The ruling elite does not count in “everyone”.)
  2. Since they come from a country that lacks white people as defined in the US, they are leaving a racism-free existence to be subjected to uniquely evil systemic racism here.
  3. They will be responsible for massive increases in global warming emissions. The collapse of the Venezuelan economy has resulted in a massive 40% reduction in emissions in the last few years, which would make even Greta Thunberg feel somewhat less hysterical. Per capita emissions are over four times higher in the US; they will be killing polar bears if they come here.

Can Harris get Greta and AOC to join her on a mission of mercy?

Can she save thousands people of color from the uniquely evil and racist existence found in the US?

Can she save the planet from the massive increase in deadly emissions?

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Yes, Harris was put in charge of the border over 40 days ago and has done virtually nothing so far.

Think of the immigrant lives that have been ruined!

Think of the dead polar bears from the increasing emissions!

What’s she going to do, man the border and assist in stopping them? If she did go, the first thing you cons would say is, its for a photo op. I’m sure she’s well aware of whats going on a lot more than the all keyboard Potus’s.

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2 of the possibly worse sources to get information.

Cant argue policy…so just throw red meat to the masses.


I may agree with you on sources, but the Biden-Harris border policy is a failure.

EZ answer…google it and pick from multiple sources…your choice. They even have see food. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

In 4 months, it is already a failure?

Here is another source:
Mexican coyotes are seen daily leading groups of mainly Venezuelan family units and Cuban asylum seekers across the gently flowing waterway onto an empty property on the US side which law enforcement has nicknamed the 'Border Lawn’

Venezuela and Cuba are racism-free and have nearly perfect equity according to the standards endorsed by Harris.

Why would anyone leave these paradises to come to a uniquely evil, racist, severely inequitable place like the US?




They took a process that had been modified from the previous administration, into a system that was working better than it has in many years and Biden completely TRASHED it.


The few sources out there that have the story, reference the Breitbart story…


Save the planet!


That story is from March 2020. Nothing about the border.

Thanks. I knew what happened but chose the wrong article.

The Republican leader also declared a state of emergency in four border counties — Cochise, Pima, Santa Cruz and Yuma — as well as in Maricopa and Pinal.

“The U.S. Border Patrol is overwhelmed. Local law enforcement and mayors are calling out for help,” Ducey said in a video outlining his rationale.

“Citizens in our border communities are concerned for their safety, and nonprofits, left to pick up the pieces of broken federal policies, are strained … and yet we still haven’t received an adequate response from the (Joe) Biden administration.”

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Demonstrably. If it was a success, they’d be crowing about it daily.


So…it is either a failure, or a success? No in between?

Should congress be doing something? Have the Pubs offered any ideas, or legislation?

From your link:

While Ducey has blamed the Biden administration solely for the recent increase in Border Patrol apprehensions, analysts say the increase is the result of a mix of factors, including a bottleneck of asylum seekers mostly from Central America. They have grown increasingly frustrated after being stuck in Mexico for more than a year waiting for hearings in U.S. immigration courts under policies implemented by former President Donald Trump.

Ok…and Biden allowed them in where as Trump did not.

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Are we not supposed to be our brother’s keeper?

Tucson Mayor Regina Romero, however, accused Ducey of “playing politics with the National Guard, and wasting Arizona tax dollars in the process.”

“If Gov. Ducey was truly committed to helping, he would be supporting the efforts of local governments and (non-profit groups) to provide humanitarian care,” including housing asylum seekers at local hotels, Romero said in a written statement.