Kamala Harris: Liar

He infamously lied about having a bigger crowd than Beto and he lied about having the biggest crowd at his inauguration. He should not be President.
Forget the little white Dem lies like that he colluded with the Russians or that the only difference we will notice in our insurance is that it will cost us $2,500 a year less after we pass the ACA. Those don’t matter.

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Yes, these are the only lies Trump has told as president. Haha.

This isn’t a lie, the investigation is ongoing.

where the big beautiful concrete wall from sea to shining sea on our southern border that Mexico was going to pay for?

where’s the follow though on the one, Cap.

face it as Billy Martin said. "One’s a convicted liar, the other one was born that way.

guess which one trump is.



a character from the old speed racer cartoons. He was from Kapetapek. They raced through a mountain. Was just a disguise for Speed’s older Brother Rex Racer who was really Racer X. That’s who Kabala was.

Wait…you said Kamala not Kabala…Never mind.

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LOL. Another thing - the wrestler Kamala, his real name was James Harris. That’s right, Harris.

Racer X was the ■■■■

Yeah he was. He was a cool dude.

She didn’t say that.

She said she got high in college.

She then separately said that she enjoyed listening to Pac and Snoop while high.

Which only means that she was also getting high after college. Maybe she still gets high. Or maybe she was so high that she doesn’t remember what she listened to in college.

None of this matters a great deal. I’m much more concerned about her plan to get rid of private health insurance.

We’re probably gonna have to count the number of lies that Trump tells versus how many democratic candidates tell.

It’s probably pretty even, right?

No one does. So it should be clear she isn’t who I was referring to.

Oh, when you referred to fatso, she immediatley popped in my mind. Stacey Abrams and Chris Christy are the by far the greatest BMI bodies in the political realm. Since she had recently been in the spotlight, I went with her. She is very obese.

Her uncomfortable laughter was awkward.
The cackle was Hillary reminiscant. Adolescent optics emerged when her coy schoolgirl facial expressions looked as if she was flirting with a couple of high school boys. Flat performance.