Kamala Harris: Liar

The 2020 campaign has started and already Democrats are dumping out a bunch of lies. The most recent is Kamala Harris saying she listened to Tupac and Snoop in 1986 while getting high, which is pretty impressive considering they were in middle school and not recording artists.

This is what the Democrats have come to, candidates that are untrustworthy and openly admit to using narcotics. If Harris lies on the campaign trail about something this meaningless, how could we ever trust her as President?

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Good one!

Not too bad, but she’s got 7,999 lies to go to catch up with fatso.

She must have seen how well that whole “Lyin’ Donnie” thing worked out, and decided to copy his campaign style.

Kamala? Kamala? What’s a Kamala?

Yeah, who would ever vote for a candidate who lies?

Sounds like she was confused about the question. One host asked what do you listen too, while the other host asked what did you listen to while you were high.

I don’t blame her if she can’t remember… she was high after all lol.

There’s been a bunch more since the 8,000 was reported.

Yours and our next president of the United States.

I wouldn’t lay money on that.

Do I detect a pizza bet? If so, I’m in.

Let’s do this thing!

Dude I hope you are doing a bit right now, but in case you’re not and dead serious about what you posted…

How in the bloody hell can you talk about someone lying when you support a president who lies flow out his mouth like projectile vomit? I mean seriously, dude you really going to post this in an attempt shame and/or chastise Kamala Harris and not say a damn word about the current resident in the WH!!! You people…SMDH

I saw this on Fox “News” yesterday. Big story! Haha.

Just because the fake news media says he lies doesn’t mean he does. He follows through on all his promises. He won because he is a truth teller.

Sad, I didn’t take Stacey Abrams for a liar.

Good. It’s fun. The bet is a Dominos pizza ordered how ever you desire, delivered where ever you desire and the bet is whether or not Kamala will be our next POTUS.

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I dont think Harris will be the next POTUS. To be fair though, I dont think Trump will win reelection either.

Good to see you still have a sense of humor.

Famous wrestler of old.