Kamala Explains It All (In a Dumbed-down Baby Voice For a Black Host and Audience)

It’s really difficult to tell if this is the extent of her knowledge, or if she simply believed her audience couldn’t understand any big words.

And you can hear it with your own ears… (ridiculous cackle)… your own ears!


I’ve had my fill since her moron boss tried to put wordy words together last night. lol


The host did ask for layman’s terms.

One of the true indicators of intelligence and leadership is being able to assess and deliver the most effective technical communication level and depth.

What VP Harris just did was the exact opposite.

First time I heard the audio clip…even worse than the transcript.

National embarrassment

Democrats are more likely than Republicans to dumb down their language when speaking to black people.


Super interesting research, by the way, from 2018.


Remember she’s the same moron that used her Pepe Le Pew accent when addressing French scientists. Lib leaders talk to people at their own level of stupidity, blissfully ignorant of the fact that they’re the only idiots in the room. Remember Hillarys’ “Ah ain’t in no ways tarred” speech, or Biden’s “they want to put Y’ALL back in chains”?

They have no shame to be embarrassed about.


That’s some good science.

Maybe when she told that lie about “Fweedom”, her voice stuck that way.


This is what happens when society decides to build its future on racial grievance instead of making race irrelevant.

We end up with with idiots like Kamala Harris thinking that we black folk are stupid country bumpkins who have to be talked down too. That only they can raise us up.

■■■■ her.


This is fast becoming my favorite response to this idiotic administration.

head shake


BUT there are no more mean tweets!
You dumbasses that voted for this should be ecstatic!
See what checking off all the right boxes gets?

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Birds of a feather…

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at least it didn’t sound like Ebonics

Your “I told you so” would be a lot more satisfying if we didn’t have to live with the stupidity of their choices too.

Just sayin…

Bold talk from people who a year or so ago wee saying “oh you need a president who doesn’t lie directly to you about COVID, what are you a baby?

We don’t believe you, you need more people.

Incredibly dumbed down. Question is is that because she is that dumb? She thinks her constituents are that dumb?

Or Both?!


I’ll take both for 800.00 Alex…


Good response. :+1: :grinning:

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What does the host being “black” have to do with anything?

I listened to the 30 second clip…I also listened to the full interview here

The interviewer straight up said “explain the situation to people who may not understand” and that’s exactly what she did.

There is a serious problem where we, who are avid followers of politics, think that every knows about geo political conflicts.

Outside of her voice (which is annoying sometimes) I saw nothing wrong with her explanation. Especially since she only have about 7 mins to speak.

All this outrage from a show NONE OF ALL knew existed until someone told you it did via a 30 sec clip.