Justice Department is seeking to dismiss case against Michael Flynn

They are citing FBI misconduct apparently. Waiting to see how this plays out. Could get very interesting.


i had a feeling this was all a plot by vermin democrats when it happened


Wow…this must have been pretty hard for CBS


Always a good place to start.

It was most likely hatched as a revenge for trump’s birtherism. Hamstringing his presidency for 3 years was just an added bonus.

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or revenge for winning

i hope perps pay


I could have used some other sources, but I decided to cut things off at the pass. :wink:


Does Flynn get to sue to recoup his financial costs to defend against this travesty of charges?

Another chirping thread…shocked I tell you!!

Things are really sucking for Democrats right now.


Don’t know. One of those things that is going to get interesting as this develops.

I hope this is like the string on a shirt that you pull on and it just keeps going and going and going and unraveling more and more.


Yep, economy is beginning to open back up, Flynn been exonerated, crimes committed by Obama administration is coming to light, their endorsement of violating our civil liberties and their number one preference for pres sexually assaulted women with pictures backing it up…not to mention showing sign of dementia.

Everything they were told, everything they were lead to believe is crashing down all around them. Can’t say I didn’t warn them.

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Maybe they will try another impeachment…

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I’d like to hear from Judge Sullivan who called him a traitor and hear what he has to say now, that he can judge the truth?

Count on it. Over the coronavirus handling.

Why did an innocent man give a guilty plea? He was coerced? Let me guess, deep state and/or libs are to blame. Doesn’t matter in the long run anyway. Unless he receives an acquittal he could be charge again.

Someone needs a vigil candle.

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They threatened to bankrupt him in legal fee’s. Then on top of that they threatened to go after his son and bankrupt his son in legal fee’s. If they will stoop to that, who knows what else they may have suggested to him “if you don’t plead guilty”.

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the democrat made him plea guilty.

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when the dems take the WH in november i hope they proecute not only flynn but barr and every trump lackey in the justice department