Justice Department and House intelligence panel strike deal for Mueller materials

“The House Intelligence Committee will not enforce a subpoena against Attorney General William P. Barr as planned Wednesday, after the Justice Department agreed at the 11th hour to produce the redacted material and underlying information from the special counsel’s report that the panel sought, albeit more slowly than it wanted.”

I guess Barr backed down? Or is he gonna supply only what he wants to supply?

This is definitely the beginning of the next stage of this crazy and corrupt era of American politics. Now that oversight has begun I think this thing could go in hundreds of different directions.

I would imagine it’s just a stall tactic. I wouldn’t trust Barr for one minute.

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All that arguing and stalling for nothing because in the end they know the committee is allowed to have it.

Like we all said.

It’s more stalling.

Most likely…I never thought I’d see the day that the Republicans and supporters would be for such corruption

They have a simple goal. Drag this out to the the first Wednesday that follows the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, 2020.

Trump is having a temper tantrum in the Rose Garden right now. It’s … incredible.

More ranting about witch hunts, do overs?

2024…few limits run out in 2020

There used to be a lot of kvetching from Trump supporters about the Obama admin and Dems slow-walking and/or refusing to cooperate with investigations.

But no doubt this is totally justified because it’s just politics, or something.

That’s really it. Get the doofus re-elected. Anyway, anyhow, anywhere (thanks, Pete Townshend).