Justice democrats

What do you think is the truth behind this group? Do they really control AOC and other new Socialists in Congress? I never heard Sean mention them.

What is your opinion?

Do you think someone controls AOC?

Who are the socialists?


Man some people pile on these catchphrase conspiracies like flies on ■■■■■


Is this the new boogeyman?

They’re just a PAC. No different from the thousands of others.

Welcome to the forums, Barbara. I think there is pressure to conform to party principles (or the principles put forth by the senior Democratic members of Congress/Senate) in exchange for protection from the media and for votes in favor of proposed legislation. But as far as a strict requirement? I’m not sure.

I do think that this kind of thing is happening with the Republicans, too. Lindsey Graham, for example, was not as staunch in his personal beliefs and toed the line with his party members before McCain died. After McCain had passed away, it seemed like he was more staunch in Conservative principles, or more opposed to Liberal principles, much more than he was before.


10 char

Here’s a conspiracy…dum, da, dum, dum…

This internet journalist is one of my very favorites and I hope you enjoy.

Oh damn, we have to listen to the talking cat again. I’ll stick with Garfield. A relatable cat.


She’s a Canadian kitty.


Thank you for so succinctly proving my point.

If you ever wonder why no one here takes your conspiracy theories seriously, a good place to start the self-assessment is how you define “journalist”.


You’re welcome Doc. Always happy to put a smile on your face.:sunglasses:

You have no idea. You’re the gift that never stops giving.

Are Justice Democrats the latest CEC boogeymen?

The people with the word socialist in their party name.

So it appears.

I don’t take them seriously because there have been so many over the years I can’t keep up with them.

She definitely being groomed, she charismatic but not highly intelligent. Perfect person to do their bidding.

BTW…welcome to the forum.

the irony is ironical.


Oh brother.