Just Wondering , Could Schiff Be

Yep, the WB has second-hand info which has now been replaced with first-hand info corroborating the WB. At this point, the WB is superfluous.

But cons will continue to rage about the WB and create wholly made up attacks not realizing the WB doesn’t matter anymore.

Probably because they are getting their thoughts from Trump who is personally offended by the “treachery” of the WB in not being 100% loyal to Trump. Trump will make that WB pay and by extension, his supporters continue to be similarly obsessed.

Maybe trump is the whistleblower.

After all he has direct knowledge of the call.

Make up a few things and send it to the IG

He know Schiff can’t produce the whistleblower so he looks good.


I’m still waiting on that proof he claim to have on Russian collusion.

Just like I’m still waiting on Rove indictment. :wink:


The insistence on unmasking the Whistleblower is part of the Republican efforts to make the process look bad, because they cannot make a case based on the evidence.

Remember, early on, conservatives denounced the Whistleblower for only reporting second hand or hearsay information. As the witnesses with direct knowledge came forward, the Whistleblower transformed into being the key to the case for conservatives.

Its been fun to watch Conservatives make up new positions to fit the shifting winds in this process.


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Thinking…it seems to be a lost art.

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The very definition of a troll thread…show up conspire on a theory, ask some questions and then disappear never to respond again. LOL…This is some funny stuff though. I am enjoying reading responses to this.

How do people take this seriously???

Yes, Schiff is the WB!

Now what changes with Taylor, Lent, Sondland, Volker, Vindmans testimony?

Exactly. They’re desperate for someone who fits one of their cartoonish stereotypes of a “lib” or something to slime, without regard to whether they’re a fact witness or not.

There are other trolls here as well (not sure about the OP).

They are just nicely disguised.

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True story.


Cons know that the WB is old news. But they have to have something to distract everyone from the facts. It was almost laughable how many Cons on the committee ragged on about the WB yesterday.

Oh… I thought you were talking about trump.

No, it is Eric Ciaramella. But Schiff gave him the script of lies, which he has sang from.

Please provide some evidence for this assertion.

You can start by pointing out anything in the Whistleblower’s complaint that has not been corroborated by testimony given under oath.

All you have to do is read the transcript. It was a perfect call.

You know you’re right. Trump’s dismount was better than Nadia Comaneci. If she was a 10, he was at least an 11.

Maybe we need a Schiff Derangement Syndrome thread.

I for one, would love to do that.

We know he hired at least two of the Obama era NSC holdovers to his office, so it’s very likely Schiff could be the second hand non-whistleblower. At the very least we know the complaint is tied to his office either directly or indirectly. He is now denying knowing the identity of the complainant to keep from being called as a fact witness in his own investigation. What a “congenital liar”.

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