Just Wondering , Could Schiff Be

… the fake whistleblower? He likes to lie and make up fabrications bec it enables him to be the center of everyone’s attention, while he controls the who/what/how/when/where of the script he’s created.

He manipulated his authority over his fictional knowledge of evidence in the Russian hoax by alleging to reporters in passing that he had the goods, yet still hasn’t revealed a pip of it. And never will bec he lies as smoothly as butter slithering out the side of his slimy mouth.

So he heard about the phone call 2nd hand, made up the fictional whistleblower, inserting his ridiculous rendition of what he never heard Pres Trump say to the Ukrainian president in the whistleblower complaint, at the same time it was “suddenly” acceptable for hearsay info to be included in the application for a plausible investigation into the allegations. He coulda recruited other Trump haters into assisting him, even use one as a phony decoy whistleblower that only he and whomever he chooses can interview him, keeping him safe and protected from those dreaded republicans.

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Yes. This makes so much more sense than someone like Donapd Trump trying to do something improper with our nation’s foreign policy.


It’s fun that we have this thread and one about how democrats accuse and confuse at the same time.

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Folks are really sticking hard to their marching orders.

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I’m fascinated. Please continue.

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Everyone is in on it!

Maybe Schiff IS the IC inspector General, have you ever seen the two in the same room? I know I haven’t.

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I think I’m going to purchase some stock in Orville Redenbacher. It’s going to get interesting the more of these conspiracy theories we see coming out over the next few months. :rofl::rofl:

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Hmm. You may be on to something. I’m going to text my friend Rudy he can get to the bottom of this.

So the IG is in on it? And Barr?


So your theory is he made up the entire thing, and by accident he happened to guess correctly that was confirmed my multiple people including Trumps supporters and basically by the WH itself?
Yeah- That sounds right.


Barr and the IG are members of the deep state. Trump will continue draining the swamp soon.

Once again. It doesn’t matter who the whistle blower is. His complaint has a first hand witness who agrees it happened. The whistle blower is a distraction used to get you to not focus on the president’s actions and it is working.

Schiff is capable of anything.

Clairvoyant? Because thats the only possible way he could be the whistleblower

So the gist here is that I should disbelieve everyone except Donald Trump, who is well known for his integrity and honesty question mark.


You doubt the true power of the Schiff?

I disagree with the OP.

Shifty is not the whistle blower but he knows who it is and is adamant to not allow him/her to be questioned by Republicans. Shifty again, at the conclusion of his Schiff Show proclaimed having no knowledge of or contact with the WB’er.
Schiff knows his WB’er is key.

No they’re not. We now have their report corroborated by a half dozen witnesses. The WB is just 1 small piece of the puzzle