Just when you didn't think it would go higher

They…meaning them said inflation would be 8.8 percent, highest in 40 years.

Well it wasn’t 8.8 percent. It was 9.1 percent.

So libs/democrats…what are you going to do about it?


Remind us gas is 24 cents per gallon cheaper than a month ago.

Thanks Brandon!!

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Blame Trump or Putin or GOP or just convince every one the rest of world is worse.


All of the above strategy!!

So much happy!!

Here’s what I’m seeing and reading. Inflation hasn’t anywhere near it’s peak in coming months.

By all accounts it’s going to get lot worst.

And the thing is…some of us told you libs what would happen, and you all didn’t/wouldn’t listen. You just don’t infuse 5.8 trillion with a T unfounded liability into economy in less then 2 years.

And to think many libs here wanted many trillions more for their stupid green deal?

Manchin saved us…so thanks Manchin.


? happy?

Yep one can only hope. 4 trillion dollar infusion just two years ago. When Biden was president and senate was democrat! Libs.

You know you guys predicted that porkulus was going to create hyper inflation. You remember that?

It was 5.8 trillion not 4.

Under Trump if memory serves me correct 2.2 trillion for covid.
Under Biden I believe it 1.9 trillion more for covid.
Under Biden infrastructure 1.7 trillion.

Then you add lost economic activity duo to Covid lock downs.

Oh wait…you meant 4 trillion more for green new deal?


Seems pretty clear.


Trump last day stocks closed 30,930.52

Today as we speak it’s about 30,700 or so during what we are told a booming economy.


Inflation is also about that high in the UK and EU…did the Fed cause that inflation as well?

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They had the China flu with associated shut downs and hysteria also so same result more or less.

We need to jack up wages so people can afford to live – and to increase labor costs to keep the spiral going. :roll_eyes:

Haven’t we learned that stocks aren’t necessarily indicative of a booming or busting economy?

Don’t play obtuse with me.

That’s all he has.

Conservatives never address this question.

I see two solutions to lower inflation…

Lay a bunch of people off… get unemployment up to around 10%… prices will begin to fall rapidly.

Raise the fed interest rate another 2%.

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Are stocks indicative of a booming (or busting) economy?


Biden administration to address inflation report.