Just What Sort of Idiot Tweets This?

Can anyone this age really be this clueless?

Looks like the apple of his eye absolutely LOVED the request, too, giving it two emojis with hearts for eyes.

I say at least ban them from prom, maybe send diplomas in the mail as I don’t see much of anyone in the crowd clapping when they walk up to get those diplomas.


I posted a thread on the old board titled in part “Prefrontal cortex vs amygdala”.

Looks like a prime example to me. :smile:

The maturation of his prefrontal cortex at about age 25 or 26 would not cure his apparent racism, but would have at least provided the necessary commonsense not to do something like this.

Or in other cases, stupid things like taking the Tide Pod challenge. :smile:

What a moron.

I remember that thread.

Be voting in November. The youth of America have had enough! Big change. Politicians ignore them at their peril.


I probably know his parents. Or parents just like his here in my state.

The very best sort of idiot, naturally.

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I read the title thinking of course, that this would be another one of Trump’s twitter rants. For once it wasn’t. :grinning:

An idiot too dumb to pick cotton who won’t be going to the prom.

Forget the fact that he’ll be voting. His parents have been voting. I’m sure they will act all concerned and shocked while throwing their kid under the bus in public and telling him the world is too bleeping pc in private.

That’s one hell of a crystal ball.

I’ve respect for those who picked cotton. This jerk is too dumb to even pick his nose.

My first thought was “What did he do now?” It’s a shame.

is it really his fault?

what did the schools teach him? They taught him that black people picked cotton. Likely had graphics of back breaking work. Chickens comin’ home to roost.

I’m sure they even taught him about the Jews that were cooked in ovens or gassed.

Dude, you’re not fooling anyone.

so now the thread is about me?
It reads like innuendo, as though I would try to hide some characteristic of mine… as though I’m actively engaged in deceiving the forum or the population in general about some aspect of the topic… or now - with the new content of the thread- the holocaust. It’s essentially an ad hominem attack.

The thread was about some kid who only sees black people as picking cotton. My post indicated that he was likely taught an incomplete picture of that demographic sector. I clearly was indicting the school system.

But now you - with your innuendo - indict me, personally.

“If I were black…”

He’s ignorant and an idiot.

“Black” people hated picking cotton, they were forced to pick it against their will. So what does that say about him picking her for the prom? :exploding_head:

Nope. But it’s obvious to everyone here the game that you play. You’re not fooling anyone.

and yet again :roll_eyes:

I have seen some confusion out there between a debate opponent having an upper hand in a debate and the perception that they are “trying to fool” people. It’s a common, self preserving reaction by losers to losing a debate. It is especially obvious in the political arena involving Trump. Trump won the upper hand in the national debate on which candidate and which policies were best for the country. He won the upper hand in the electoral college, designed to keep demagogues from taking over the country. And what is the reaction from the losers? HE IS FOOLING PEOPLE.

Yes, it’s a pretty common defensive reaction from people who otherwise feel like they lost all self respect for supporting a loser. So I’m not surprised that a microcosm of that defensive accusation appears right here… even on this thread.

but I’m not flag happy, so carry on.