Just watched Schiff Wallace vs Alan Dershowitz

I don’t mind watching Schiff Wallace on Fox Sunday as he always challenges pro-Trump supporters. It helps me to gain insight into how Schiff Wallace and other libs are trying to justify their anti-Trump and anti-USA positions. What does annoy me is the gawd-awful fake pretense of being a neutral party who just happens to be smarter than any conservative “guest” while routinely embracing the vast majority of lib guests. Schiff Wallace is not “neutral” and he should be obligated to give a disclaimer each Sunday stating that he uses a “fake pretense” in order to try to create his own fake news. Yecchhh.


Why are there 2 threads on this same subject?

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So clever. :roll_eyes:

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Did he ask Dershowicz how many millions of dollars he earned representing Jeffery Epstein and getting him that easy sweetheart deal for pedophiling?

That was his job.


“Schiff” Wallace…i can’t take a thread seriously with this.

Stop spamming dude.

Of course. He did it willingly and for lots of $$$$.

That was probably the biggest money grab in his career.

So what?

Unintentionally funny.

I prefer lawyers who feel there isn’t enough money in the world to defend pedophile/young girl abuser billionaire Jeffery Epstein and enable the continuation of his depravity for 15 more years.

You seem to be assigning some kind of moral judgment to his defense of that scum and being paid for it?

I’m in the camp that thinks everyone should get a defense though and people shouldn’t be blamed for who they defend. Maybe Dershowitz likes the high profile cases as was the joke on SNL last night, any case that gets him on tv.

But we are also on a forum that kept pretending hillary laughed about getting a rapist off.


You don’t understand that everyone, including scum, has the right to a defense?

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There’s a recording.

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And there’s dishonest people who try to use that recording to say she was laughing about getting a rapist off instead of laughing at a dysfunctional system and how horribly the case went iirc.


I like the lawyers that passed up that job.

It explains why he swims with Trump though.

And you have evidence of this please?

Do not quote her as evidence.

That’s ridiculous darlin’. Everyone has the right to legal representation. And the best they can afford.

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I’m not interested in playing Sneaky hannity forum games. I mean, so what?

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