Just to be certain: Presidential EO's

I think we need a thread to clarify positions. Mine for instance is not a simple “I support this and I will defend it” So, to clarify:

I support the Presidents ability to extend UI benefits. He is doing so with money appropriated for COVID relief and emergency spending.

The money going to UI benefits fits those definitions fine for me.

I’m torn on whether it was good policy or just good politics. No doubt, it is good politics. Policy wise… I do not believe that people who were forced out of work due to COVID should bear the brunt of the personal cost alone. I do believe we should, as much as possible make them whole. In doing this I believe we should limit our largess to no more than 90% of their previous earnings. I do not as a matter of principle believe that a person who is not working should be paid as much or more money not working than they earned working. I also have a slight issue with the feds doing this. Some states high unemployment is due to unnecessary shut downs that may or may noy have actually helped the situation with COVID. It is not clear whether the same results could have been achieved simply following CDC guidance to social distance and mask when you can’t. Are the feds responsible for the states possibly poor decisions? No, they are not. At the same time we were all flying blind in the beginning, searching for something that worked. So up tp a point, yeah, the fed should help because the states are not responsible for the virus either. I like the 75/25 split, but believe there should be more controls on the amount paid than just “$400”.

Rent relief:

I am full on against this. For those who were laid off, they’ve been getting UI benefits and in more cases than not been getting more money than they actually made working. If they did not pay the rent its not my problem. For those not working when COVID hit, there is no change. They have been living exactly the same post COVID as pre COVID. What would make their situation any different? I think there has to be some proveable connection here before we just declare people victims of COVID financing problems. I think people should be able to apply for deferrals from eviction, but they should have to connect the dots at least. I also question the authority on this one. People are not evicted in federal courts. They are evicted by local courts. The President can order federal prosecutors not to go forward, I do not believe he has the power to tell a landlord he must defer his property rights and his right to petition for redress of grievances. I do not believe the Congress has that power either. I do not believe its a federal power at all. States can do this, not the feds.

SS taxes:

The President is fully within his authority to defer collections. I believe its the right thing to do economically. I have no issues at all with this.

Student Loans:

The President has the authority and I support the deferrals. In the end, its a cost free assist to people who likely need the help.


Let the courts decide. I am perfectly willing to have Pelosi and pals go to the court to block this aid. Looks good.

I don’t like the extra money for UE.

I don’t like the EO action either.

Congress needs to do its job.

They won’t. Even they know the optics of that. The only challenges I can foresee would be from landlords who may have no choice. Or, if some idiot liberal AG decides to sue over “unfunded mandates”. In which case Trump should thank Pelosi for helping him get reelected by loading the house bill with all those veto bait xmas ornaments. She thought she put him in a box and would control the narrative… oops.

I disagree to a large degree with the policy.

This was not by any definition an abuse of power or end around The Constitution however because the money was appropriated already for this specific purpose.

Congress did it’s job with that legislation and the president is doing his since they left broad authority and discretion to the Exec in the bill.

Congress has refused to do it’'s job with a 2nd relief package and to avoid greater harm to the nation at least as he sees it, he used his existing authority and discretion.

I agree with more than I disagree… even where I disagree, I gotta admit, the politics of it are brilliant.

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