Just some guy notices amazing things about earth....a challenge to the theory of plate tectonics?

Youtube is an amazing place. So many different scientific theories presented. Some kooky, some with merit and no need to be certified by a university to have your ideas presented to the world, if you can get them out.

This video is amazing to me. It’s just some guy who apparently loves google earth and geology. He’s noticed something amazing. Structures on the earth’s surface repeat almost identically. He’s very excited because he thinks got a challenge to the theory of plate tectonics.

The entire video is interesting, but right at about 25 minutes in he takes formations off the coast of south America and shows you how they exactly the cost line of California and the pacific coast. I’m blown away by it… He has lots of video where matches up formations.
Any thoughts?

My second grade self is here to chime in how it is so neat that the continents on the earth appear to “fit together”. This guy is comedy… :laughing:

I will put my second grade self up against this “scientist”. Listening to him describe the Hawaiian islands was a gut buster…


You are not impressed with the Cal coast line and the formations he aligned with it? Do you have a large screen TV? I never said he was a scientist…

Its often noted that Brazil fits nicely against Africa.

Try doing a jigsaw puzzle with the picture side facing down…

You will get alot of pieces that seem to fit at first but you find put they dont after a couple more pieces are added…

You would enjoy"Behind the Curve" on Netflix.

Pretty “out there” thinking.

The way the human visual system works we naturally try to find and fit things into patterns. It’s the same way some people looking at satellite photos of mountains and ridges in Antarctica see pyramids.

I wouldn’t put a whole lot of credence into his theories but he gets an A for imagination.

Is the presentation humorous? If not, it might just annoy me before I get 15 minutes, as fascinating as the phenomena is.

It’s actually just sad. These people and their lives.

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Let me guess, he also thinks the Grand Canyon was created by the Great Flood of 4000 BC.

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That would be far better TBH.

It was hard, but I made it into 8 minutes.
When he said that “the core is what makes our planet, not gravity like they claim” , I had to shut it down.
Thanks for wasting my time, OP.

Probably not, sounds like it keeps you trained in orthodoxy?

That’s why I said go to 25 mins in and see his matching of the Cal coast.

I never said his theory’s are correct, but he does have some interesting match ups.

I think you’ll find accretion theory has problems too…

Did you go 25 mins in and see him match up the cal coast with formations off S. America.

It’s his observations that are amazing. He’s still struggling with why. As most theories do.

Pattern matching in Google Earth is not doing science.

“Challenging orthodoxy” requires more rigor than that.

Certainly, But don’t you find it amazing how well his patterns match? I do. Could be the beginning of another theory of planet formation. From the inside out.


No I don’t find it all that amazing how his patterns match.

Just like I don’t find it amazing why many people see a man in the Moon.

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No way. If you turn that picture upside down then flip it, it makes a Q!