Just so we don't forget about guns....4 kids murdered

Guns are a real problem in america.


When I read this story yesterday, I was heartbroken. One of the children was only 1 year old and the eldest was only 11. Please understand, I want a gun to protect myself and my family from people just like this nutcase.


Future Trumpkins.

Don’t bring home strange men.

Over 300 million guns will not be used to commit a crime in the US this year.

Guns aren’t the problem, the problem started with the woman who decided to shack up with a serial repeat offending felon and spouse beater.

We can go back even farther to his original arson conviction for which all he got was probation when he should have been rotting in prison.

Since he couldn’t even lawfully possess a firearm someone needs to figure out who brought it into the home and under what circumstances.


It’s a shame there are 300M guns in america which makes it so very easy for people like this to get their hands on one.

There’s some great judgment. :roll_eyes:

You will learn. You are who Nicholas Johnson calls the “modern orthodoxy”.

Some sweet victim blaming ITT.

It’s all good. You believe in evolution.

Sure, sure… yet you are happy with the system that let’s guys like Gary get his gun with as little trouble as possible.

In fact, you’d likely be happier if it was easier.

Really? Exactly how did he get his hands on the gun used?

Did she choose to bring a repeat offending spouse beater and convicted felon into her home? Did she leave her children in his hands?

So this is her fault?

I read that the mother was a Puerto Rican national.

Does that mean she was on a worker or student VISA? Curious, not that it matters much after such a terrible crime. Does posit the possibility that she may have been targeted based on her legal, or not legal, residency status.

Puerto Ricans don’t need visas.

No, it is his fault. Did she report him so the failed State could act?

Is it the gun’s fault? Is it my fault?

Very sad. Prayers to the hurt officer and the family. I can’t even imagine the loss of 2 of my children if I had children. The pain must be unbearable.

No parent should ever have to bury a child.

There’s a Zen story about it.

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I’m partially blaming the abundance of guns in our country and the ease with which people can buy them, legally or illegally. There are just so many guns out there…

Ultimately it’s the killer’s fault. But I just wish we didn’t make it so easy for these ■■■■■■■ to get efficiently lethal weapons.