Just Keeps getting worse and worse for Puerto Rico .

if only they could speak proper french. hurts my ears when i go there

Yeah. I went out into the Quebec countryside and was met with hostility until they realized I was from the US.

Then we were all cool.

That is complete nonsense. Puerto Rico has more autonomy than the 50 States.

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On that, I agree 100%.

Because Congress give them it.

Puerto Rico is a Territory not a State they don’t have Sovereignty, the U.S Constitution doesn’t apply to them.

every little bit of authority their government has is granted by Congress.

You must be joking.

Cut them loose.

Remember when D.C wanted to have control over their own budget and Congress told them to shut up? D.C voters passed the measure by 84% and Congress laughed and told them to go home.

So what?

Puerto Rico is the same as D.C they are not a State they have no Sovereignty under the Constitution any authority they have is delegated to them by Congress.

seem like Puerto Rico is in crisis, so fix it stop pretending you can’t do anything about it.

Sadly even if they really wanted state hood, the political climate is such that it will never happen.

They will be in limbo forever it seems.

Sadly, it is never going to happen.

Outside of certain urban centers no one gives a crap about Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is an island and a country. It was not formed by the government.

Washington DC is a city formed from two states.

They are nothing alike.

Cut them loose.

Nor should it.

Of their own making. Who voted him in? Congress?

Puerto Rico is a country? When did that happen?

Yes, it’s a country. Look up the definition. Read them all.

Got it, you didn’t mean sovereign nation… statehood for Puerto Rico!

If I had meant nation I would have said nation.

Cut them loose.

Puerto Rico is going to have to wait for future congresses and future presidents. This current administration has them prioritized to item number negative 4 million.

Our own president is having public squabbles with their leaders for God sakes.