Just Keeps getting worse and worse for Puerto Rico .

Puerto Rico’s government just keeps sliding further and further into the sewer.

From being unable to distribute reliefe supplies that showed up, to finding water shipments a year later that were un-opened and not distributed.

Now we have riots, and governmetn officials being arrested and a call for the Governor to resign (but he is refusing).

lls for Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló to resign are growing after remarks he made in a private group chat were leaked, and more protests are being organized in San Juan.

Some of the e-mails:

The exchanges between the governor and his inner circle reveal a vengeful approach in running the government – including attacking journalists by discrediting stories and threatening to turn over political opponents to police.

In the chat, Christian Sobrino Vega, then-Puerto Rico’s chief fiscal officer and Roselló’s representative on the federal board, expressed frustration with San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz and said he wanted to shoot her.

“You’d be doing me a grand favor,” the governor responded, according to the leaked chats.

Two members of the government that were in the chats have resigned. The governor is digging in and saying he appologized and need not do anything futher becaus he has “work to do”.

Puerto Rico is a disaster (and not from the Hurricanes). I used to think they should be given one last vote, become a state or be cut loose. Now I’m thinking they just need to be cut loose and become their own nation and we should be done with them.

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We put ourselves into this mess with Puerto Rico in the early 20th century.

To simply abandon them to their fate wouldn’t look good for us.

Federal Government has a lot of power to fix the issues in Puerto Rico they simply refuse to do so.

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The worst news is yet to come … Trump wants to send AOC back there ! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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What power?

What can the federal government do to fix the corruption in Puerto Rico?

Please give me specific examples.

Congress has complete control over the Island they simply delegated power to local authorities, if the government is so bad that it is greatly effecting the people Congress can step in.

Congress has no issue flexing it Authority of D.C.

So the president could fire the Governor, or just say, new elections will be held in Nov of this year?


The President is the head of State of Puerto Rico, Congress delegates power to local authorities they do not have Constitutional independence in local affair like states. (Its similar in Canada)

so in theory Yes Congress could tomorrow disband the government and call an election, they could just disband local government completely and appoint a new gov.

That is the big difference between being a State and being a Territory, you don’t have sovereignty.

I wouldn’t suggest they flex their power that much, but they should put pressure on the Gov. to resign and for new elections to be held by the local government.

Clearly the people of the Island deserve better.

Puerto Rico (and Communist Cuba) are the United States VERY WELL DESERVED KARMA for our imperialist, colonial ventures in the late 1890’s.

After the Spanish American War, the United States should have immediately got the **** out of both Puerto Rico and Cuba. Instead, we made Puerto Rico our colonial bitch and Cuba we used as our personal outhouse.

60+ years of communism in Cuba is our well deserved karma for the way we treated Cuba (though the Cubans certainly didn’t deserve it).

And this cluster **** called Puerto Rico is our well deserved karma for not cutting Puerto Rico loose in 1898.

The United States deserves ALL the punishment it has gotten from both islands.


And Puerto Rico did not plunge to the bottom entirely on its own, the United States actively abetted its fiscal mismanagement and the Jones Act and other laws have crippled Puerto Rico’s ability to compete internationally.


Jones act need to be repealed.

Not this again…Puerto Rico economy was on the rise with ever increasing middle wage income throughout the 70’s and 80’s. The island was big tax heaven for large corporations…specially for pharmaceutical industry.

This was the beginning of Puerto Rice downfall.

Now notice the date of this NYT Article,

They been racking up debt ever since…also check out translation of debt/resources from English to Spanish.

To be fair.

This cannot be blamed solely on Trump. Not by a long shot.

He may have had a role as of late.

But the underlying cancer has been festering and growing LONG before Trump came on the seen.

LONG before Trump was even born.

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That is true.

ever been to Quebec place is run by morons.

Dear lord liberal masochism knows no bounds. Only the west has done horrible things the rest of the world behaves like perfect angels till America gets involved. :roll_eyes:

You don’t see other countries outside the west practicing this self hatred of their past sins.

I am not a progressive liberal, not by a long shot.

And ANY person, conservative or liberal or other should be ashamed by the United States colonial bull ****, PARTICULARLY as the United States started life as a bunch of colonies.

I won’t defend evil crap. whether the United States or any other nation did the crap.


You know we are talking about American citizen right, the government is shafting American citizens.

Its gotten better in the last little while but we have a saying in Canada.

Quebec doesn’t care about ethnicity, just your accent.
depending where you are speaking English will be met with a lot of hostility.