Just incase you'd forgotten Ron Paul existed

He’s still as nuts as ever.

For a close-up.


But to be expected following the whole “Cultural marxism!” spiel.

And of course it’s a Ben Garrison cartoon :laughing:.

That’s not the image that shows up if you go to his twitter account now.

Yeah, people delete stupid posts on twitter when called out.

Yup! Just call it anti-PC and it’s all ok!


No. Racist.

It’s not even subtle, it’s pretty blatant collection of racist caricatures from a renowned racist/bigoted cartoon artist specifically referencing an idea created and championed by white supremacists (cultural marxism).

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Woah. Oops.

I usually equate racism with stupidity, but, yeah, this one is pretty blatantly racist; Like, old school, racist.

Well at least he didn’t miss anyone, some old school racists propaganda. Unfortunately this is the image quite a few folks in this country see people of color and jews as. Of course someone will ask who…well they know who they are, hell they might be sitting in your seat and typing on your keyboard right now.

This is America…

Lol wow that’s bad

I didn’t need a reminder of why I never supported or liked him. I hadn’t forgotten.

That is definitely racists stereotypes.

But well its coming from Ben Garrison so.

I like how its a PC image now. Almost as if its saying political correctness is keeping me from posting my racist cartoon.

Yep, he should have the courage of his convictions, nobody is forcing him to remove his racist tweet, he did so of his own free will. I never jumped on the anti-pc bandwagon. Free speech is not an absence of consequences from the speech you choose to publicly engage in, unless of course that conseqeunce is imposed by government.


Yeah Garrison doesn’t exactly do subtle.

There’s a term that makes my eyes roll up into my head and spin like a slot machine.

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